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WCW Power Hour 1/5/1991 Review

WCW Power Hour 1/5/1991 Review

Next week's show is here:

Z-Man Tom Zenk and Brian Pillman vs Joe Cazana and Ed Brock
The finish
Brian Pillman pinned Ed Brock when he used an assisted body press on Brock. Sorry for the few pics here as the opening minutes were severly screwed up quality wise. This was all squash. One of the highlights was Pillman dropkicking an opponent who was sitting on the top while he stood in the ring. Not too much else to say here because it was all squash city.

The Fabulous Freebirds vs. Tommy Angel & Rob Morgan
"Accompanied by their roadie and best friend, Little Richard Marley..." - Gary Michael Capetta
"If I was Little Richard, I would not trust Garvin and Hayes after the beating they gave him at Starrcade." - Jim Ross
"You need to be more forgiving. It's a happy new year." - Paul E. Dangerously
"We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year." - Michael Hayes
"They're still in the christmas spirit." - Jim Ross
"Happy New Year, Jim." - Paul E.
"Thanks, Paul." - Jim Ross
Jimmy Garvin pinned Rob Morgan with the DDT to get his team the win. This was all squash with the Freebirds and Marley going out of their way to be jerks. Not that bad of a squash here.
"The Steiner Brothers are a great tag team. They won the United States tag titles, they won the International Tournament but they don't have alot of brains and the Freebirds have always been categorized as the smartest team in wrestling." - Paul E.
"I think he's the greatest wrestler of all time. I want to be a member of his fan club." - Paul E being sarcastic
Rick Steiner vs Chuck Coates
"Chuck Coates from Tarheelia." - Jim Ross
"Where's that?" - Paul E.
"That's what they call someone from North Carolina, a tarheelian." - Jim Ross
"Ladies and Gentlemen, from Parts Unknown, Chuck Coates." - Paul E.
"He missed. Idiot. What are you blind? What'd he do? Go to the Ray Charles School of Wrestling?" - Paul E.
The finish

"I think he sincerely enjoys doing what he does for a living." - Jim Ross
"The part of Chuck Coates will now be played by Jimmy Hoffa." - Paul E.
Rick Steiner beat Chuck Coates with a top rope belly to belly suplex. The jobbers who got put with the Steiners always got the short end of the stick as it was likely they would be in the hospital before the night was over. Rick was stiff here and generally pretty off. He couldn't get all of his gear on right as he was entering and then missed those elbows. It seems that he purposely missed those elbows too. I don't know what it was, but it was weird. This was naturally all squash.

"One time you try to put me out, the next time you try to put me out. You better make sure you get the job done next time, pal." - Sting to Ric Flair
"Now you hear the voice of Ric Flair. The voice that's gonna haunt you until I win that world's title around my waist for the 7th time. Think about it. Ric Flair comes for the 7th time. Wooo." - Ric Flair
"Sting is determined, so is Ric Flair. 1991 will tell the story." - Gordon Solie
Wrestling News Network or WNN was similar to Update from the WWF. They would recap some recent ongoings and have wrestlers cut promos.

Terry Taylor vs Brian Carr
"Brian Carr, a double tough individual." - Jim Ross
I think I'd take Terry Taylor on twice before I'd try Carr once. That guy looks pretty bad.
"I think Gordon Solie dipped in to too much eggnog. Did you see that jacket he was wearing? It went out in the 50's." - Paul E.
"From now on, you're gonna have to let me do my material on this show or I'm gonna start working with Schiavone again." - Paul E.
"Really, would you put that in writing?" - Jim Ross
"I'd get away with murder with him.  I worked with him for two weeks last year and he sold his house and moved up to Connecticut." - Paul E., referencing Tony Schiavone in the WWF
"Our lawyer, Seymore Green met with Al Sharpton and we are gonna file a lawsuit against you for discrimination. You don't like people from New York." - Paul E.
"If Brian Carr defeats Terry Taylor, does he fight Double A tonight on WCW?" - Paul E.
"I think the contract is signed and set to go on no matter what the outcome of this match may be." - JR
Terry Taylor beat Brian Carr with the five arm. Just a squash here with Carr controlling alot of this surprisingly. My focus was totally on Paul E as he was cutting some awesome lines which I quoted above.

"Wrestling has entered the computer age and...Ms. Alexandra York has brought wrestling to the computer age.  I don't think Michael Wallstreet can be beat. You can't beat a computer, it's smarter than the human mind." - Paul E.
Michael Wallstreet vs Rick Hardrock
Even though I am the world's biggest York Foundation fan(next to my friend John of course), I've never seen much of the Michael Wallstreet era of the York Foundation. I guess because it didn't last too long and because Terrance Taylor will always be the true leader of the York Foundation to me. As you may or may not know, Michael Wallstreet is Mike Rotunda who also worked as Captain Mike Rotunda in WCW, IRS in the WWF,VK Wallstreet(a jab at Vince McMahon) in late 90'sWCW.
"She's not married, huh?" - Paul E.
"Nope, that's what I hear." - Jim Ross
"Got her phone number?" - Paul E.
"Not yet." - Jim Ross
"If you get it, would you give it to me?" - Paul E.
"No, I don't dislike her that much." - Jim Ross

"Accompanied by his administrative assistant, Alexandra York, from the financial district of lower Manhattan - Michael Wallstreet." - Gary Michael Cappetta
"Think his family's in the cafe buisness? Hardrock Cafe." - JR
"I don't get that joke." - Paul E.
"Nevermind." - JR
"Ohhhh, I get it!" - Paul E.
"How would you like to be an unemployed camera person?" - Michael Wallstreet
"How does Missy Hyatt get through security?" - Paul E.
"Well number one she has a security pass and number two well..." - JR
"We all know number two for reasons we can't mention on the air." - Paul E.
"He had a picture in the money section of USA Today a few days ago." - JR on Michael Wallstreet
"The former Mike Rotunda, says he legally changed his name to Michael Wallstreet." - JR

The Stock Market Crash finishes Hardrock.
"Buy low, sell high, the stock market crash of Michael Wallstreet headed to the front page of USA Today." - Paul E.
Michael Wallstreet beat Rick Hardrock with the Stock Market Crash aka the samoan drop. Not that impressive of a squash here and Michael Wallstreet didn't seem too into this. Makes sense since he bolted to the WWF very soon after.

Sid Vicious vs Dave Perry
"Representing the Horsemen, from anywhere he darn well pleases at 321 pounds, Big Sid Vicious" - Gary Michael Cappetta
May the force be with Dave Perry. He may want to consider offering a prayer to his god right about now.
"You feel sorry for that guy." - JR
"Yeah, look at that terrible haircut." - Paul E.
"Oh God, run! Run for your life!" - Paul E.
"Are you ok? I think he's hurting." - Sid Vicious
"I don't care about nobody, but me." - Sid Vicious
"Come on, Buckwheat." - Sid Vicious
Sid Vicious beat Dave Perry with the powerbomb. Gotta love Sid Vicious squashes. He is one of my favorite squash artists and I could watch him powerbomb fools for days. Awesome squash and Big Sid rules!

Beautiful Bobby Eaton vs Ricky Morton
I always love it when we get Memphis alumni going at it. Here is a review of them going at it in tag action from 1982:

"When Bobby Eaton can breathe, he can come at you from any direction." - Paul E.
"Where's Robert? Come on." - Bobby Eaton
"I remember blood getting on my camera lens when I used to be a photographer from the wars these two used to have." - Paul E.
"Wait a minute, they're just attacking Ricky Morton." - Jim Ross
Ricky Morton beat Bobby Eaton by DQ when the Freebirds interfered. Good match but it was very very short and the finish was stupid. Welcome to the early 90's.

Missy Hyatt came out to argue with Paul E. Dangerously to close the show

Overall thoughts: Sid was awesome and Rick Steiner was pretty out there. Other than that, not too much going on here. A decent show but certainly not one for close match-ups. Watch the Sid squash here and call it a day.

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