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WCW Power Hour 1/12/1991 Review

WCW Power Hour 1/12/1991 Review

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Tim Horner vs Rip Rogers
Rip attacks during Tim's entrance
"Any man who wears pig tails and pink is weird in my book." - JR
"Maybe you should rewrite your book." - Paul E.
"Well, it wasn't a best seller." - JR
LOL at the kid filming rip's butt
The pin
"Yes!" - Tim Horner

Tim Horner pinned Rip Rogers to get the win. This was a very good Tim Horner match. He was quick and really gave it his all for a C-show opening match. Really good stuff here and the more I see of Rip the more underappreciated he seems. Rating:**3/4

"Last Saturday an unusual man made his debut. He calls himself Minotaur." - JR
"Everybody knows that in Greek mythology a minotaur is a half-man, half-bull.
Minotaur vs Mountain Man Bailey from WCW Saturday Night 1/5/1991
"I'd love to know more about that strange apparatus on his arm." - JR
Minotaur beat Mountain Man Bailey with an elbow drop. Minotaur made a bunch of goofy faces and looked pretty bad. I've never heard of him though which is surprising. Rating: DUD

Beautiful Bobby Eaton vs Tommy Angel
"Right now, what you are watching is the best wrestler on television a few weeks before he beats the Z-Man for the TV title." - Paul E.
"Ah that's uncalled for. We don't need to show that." - JR
Air Jordan watch out. Air Eaton is where it's at.
Bobby Eaton beat Tommy Angel with a top rope leg drop. Eaton got some serious height on that thing in route to a very quick victory.  I liked the finger in the eye and the legdrop but that was really it here. This was all squash. Rating:*

Norman the Lunatic and The Juicer(Art Barr) vs The Fabulous Freebirds
The Juicer gimmick is based off of Beetlejuice which was still pretty hot at this time. The Juicer is Art Barr of lucha libre and Los Gringos Locos fame. He had a very famous team with Eddie Guerrero in Mexico known as Los Gringos Locos and was maybe the hottest star in Mexico before he died a sudden death.

Norman the Lunatic is Mike Shaw aka Bastion Booger of WWF fame and Makhan Singh of Stampede and GWF fame.
There was no finish here nor any explanation of it. They showed Michael Hayes DDT'ing Norman and cut it from there.

Wrestling News Network with Gordon Solie
They talked about the Missy Hyatt vs Paul E. Dangerously feud and showed some clips of them arguing with each other:
"He started it! He's jealous. He's just a big baby." - Missy Hyatt
"When you come to the Clash of the Champions, I want you to dress like a lady and not dress like what we all know you really are." - Paul E.
"Terry Taylor was recently ranked 8th in the world and he wants title matches." - Gordon Solie
"I can beat you Arn Anderson and I'm gonna show everyboyd here that I can do that." - Terry Taylor
"If I gotta get like a squeaky wheel then squeak squeak, I'm gonna get what I deserve." - Terry Taylor
"I'm really surprised at Terry Taylor's new attitude. He even told Jim Ross to shut up recently." - Paul E.
Terry Taylor vs Arn Anderson from WCW Saturday Night 1/5/1991
The finish
Terry Taylor hit a crossbody and Arn Anderson rolled through it for the win with his feet on the ropes. They showed not more than a minute here so I don't want to rate this because I have no idea how it actually was.

Mike Thor vs Terry Taylor
The five-arm
"I wasn't ready for this match to end. I still had other things to say. I need more time to talk. This isn't fair." - Paul E.
Terry Taylor beat Mike Thor here in about 30 seconds. This was a total squash and Taylor just hit a suplex before getting the win. Nothing to see here.
They did an ad for Wrestlewar 1991 which I reviewed in full here:
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
This is one of my better reviews and this is one of my top 10 favorite PPV's of all time. Tons of cool gifs and pics there!

They showed some highlights from Starrcade 1990 with The Steiners vs The Great Muta and Mr. Saito for the Pat O'Connor Cup. I am going to skip that part as it was only highlights and I do want to review the full show on here sometime.

"Up next is Dirty Dutch Mantell vs Flyin' Brian which has become a very big rivalry as of late." - JR
"Much like myself, Dirty Dutch Mantell is a big fan of Nature Boy Ric Flair and he doesn't like the fact that Brian Pillman has disgraced the name of his former mentor. So he has taken it upon himself to show Flyin Brian what it's all about." - Paul E. Dangerously
Dirty Dutch Mantell vs Flyin Brian Pillman

Dutch Mantell was the man in Memphis, so even though he was a jobber in WCW, don't write him out. I did a bunch of reviews of Dutch in Memphis if you want to see him at his best.
"Come on, man. Right here." - Dutch Mantell
"Taped right hand of Mantell raking at the face of Flyin' Brian." - Jim Ross
"Well, Mantell obviously learned from Beautiful Bobby that these are successful tactics." - Paul E.
The finish
Flyin Brian Pillman beat Dirty Dutch Mantell with Air Pillman aka a springboard clothesline. This was just so-so. There wasn't anything too special here and the only highlights were Pillman doing a few high flying moves. Rating:*
"Did you become the host of World Championship Wrestling by knocking Gordon Solie's teeth down his throat?" - Paul E.
Overall thoughts: There was really only one good match here. Eaton's squash was okay but really not that special. Other than that, this was all squash and quick highlights of things from other shows. Skip this one as clearly the more important stuff was elsewhere.

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