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TNA Turning Point 2012 Review

TNA Turning Point 2012 Review

The go-home show leading up to this is here:

Taz mentioned the flood and brought out Buckethead with Bully Ray. Buckethead wanted to set a guiness world record with the most number of people texting during a PPV. He said it would cost $10 to do this. TEN DOLLARS for a stupid text message. Look, I'm all for donating but people are paying $40 to see this and now you want to charge them 1/4 of it for a donation. How about offering the show for $10 instead with all of the proceeds going to charity? Or $10 off the PPV bill if you make a donation? That'd be more in the spirit of charity, even though it's clear this has nothing do with charity. I don't even want to get into the Red Cross, who charges people for their services, which totally isn't charitable.

Todd Kennely, Mike Tenay and Taz are at the booth.

TNA TV title - Samoa Joe vs Magnus
They did some brawling to start this by exchanging forearms and punches. Joe shaved off that stupid mohawk he had and is now just shaven. Mike Tenay mentioned Samoa Joe being a former ROH champion. Somewhere along the line this became no DQ and Magnus threw a chair at Joe's head. Joe hit a really big powerbomb into an STF. Magnus then started to work Joe's arm with armbars and armbreakers. Magnus hit a top rope elbow for a near fall and then they repeated that again. Joe then hit a muscle buster after a tope but Magnus kicked out. After a slap exchange, Joe hit a rear-naked choke for the win in a good and heated match.

ODB said that Eric Young hasn't responded to her calls, but then EY returned. He said a shark ate his phone and EY and Aquaman saw what Jesse/Tara did to ODB. He said they had channels under the sea where they watched. They then kissed.

ODB and Eric Young vs Tara and Jesse
This is supposed to be the last appearance of EY in TNA, even though he is one half of the knockouts tag team champions. It's funny if you think about it that they choose Jesse over EY even though both did TV. EY and ODB ran into each other in the ring, kissed then did double elbows on Jesse. ODB gave a bronco buster to Jesse then EY got in position and asked for one too. Tara then decked ODB. Jesse reminds me so much of the Miz and wears similar attire. Lots of bad commentary here.  EY hit a top rope elbow for the win. Not that bad but it was just meant to be a silly match.

James Storm cut a promo saying he's been preparing for this moment for a year, even though he's been fighting with Roode for most of it. He said he'd win tonight and said whoever he pins, "Sorry about your d@mn luck".

X Division Title - Rob Van Dam vs Joey Ryan
Ryan cut a promo before the start but didn't say much. Joey hit a big spike DDT here. He also hit a painful looking mustache ride (middle rope neckbreaker). RVD got the win with a 5-star frog splash in a fast paced match. I hope this wasn't supposed to put Ryan over, because he looked like he didn't belong again RVD. He definitely wasn't put over here. Matt Morgan then hit a carbon footprint on RVD on the ramp. RVD wasn't moving so they just said oh well, and left him on the ramp without further explanation.

Joseph Park cut a promo. He hoped Sting could get well soon. He asked JB if he thought he could win and JB just shook his head.

Doc vs Joseph Park
No, it's not the D.O.C. from NWA in the 80's, it's Luke Gallows/Festus from WWE. Park came out to no music. The crowd chanted "You can do it" and then there was a dueling chant with "No, he can't". Park played keep away and Doc made a fool of himself chasing him. Doc got a hammer but Park did a double leg and a ground and pound. Taz accidently called Joseph Park "Abyss" during this. Oops. Doc hit Park with a belt with spikes that made Park bleed. Park then went nuts and used a black hole slam which they said was "reminiscent of his brother Abyss". Park used a chair while the ref just happened to not be looking again. Doc then got the pin with a chokeslam. Doc then GnP'd Park and got the hammer. Bully Ray came down though and stopped it. This was the wrong match for all of this. Doc should have looked strong and not been put in a comedy match so early in his TNA run. It slots him into a bad position on the card. I mean, Doc got it taken to him by a non-wrestler. Bad booking here and I'm not sure what they were thinking.

JB interviewed Bobby Roode. He said he'd get back into the spotlight and would get one step closer to getting back his world title.

TNA Tag titles - Kazarian and Daniels vs Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez
The heels both did the ride the horse dance in the ring. Kaz had Chavo hung over the ropes then dropkicked over to the floor. Hernandez did his usual spots here. Hernandez gorilla pressed Kaz to the floor and he hit his forehead off the floor. Chavo got the win for his team when Hernandez had
Daniels on his shoulders and Chavo did a high cross body. This was alright but not as good as it should have been. It just never went to the next level.

AJ Styles cut a promo saying it's been 3 years since he's been champ and it's been a year of distractions. He says a new chapter starts in his life when he wins the title.

#1 Contenders match and the loser cannot get a title shot for one year - AJ Styles vs Bobby Roode vs James Storm
Roode and Storm went at it here after throwing AJ out. They worked this more like a WWE three way match instead of another better style. It was all one on one with one guy(mostly AJ) getting thrown out. Beer Money did a double team suplex and they teased teaming together but quickly turned on each other. James Storm ended up getting the win with a superkick on AJ. I didn't like this one too much. It just wasn't anything that special but Storm sold it well.

Devon cut a promo saying Kurt was in the wrong place at the wrong time and it was just luck that he got beat up. He told Kurt not to take it personal.

Devon vs Kurt Angle
They referred to Kurt as TNA's "resident cyborg". Taz brought up Devon wearing a belt similar to the one Doc used earlier. Ace's came down during the middle of this and Devon used that distraction for a spear for a near fall. Angle got the win with an ankle lock out of nowhere and ran before Ace's could get him. You would think Ace's would have covered all four sides with so many members. Doc then yelled that Angle is next and "you are dead". Devon did a pretty good job here and didn't look weird being in a match higher up the card.

Someone asked AJ what he would do since he can't get a title shot for a year. AJ looked upset and just walked away.

Aries cut a promo calling Jeff "Jeffrey Nero Hardy" and said he was "Austin Heliaeroaries".

TNA World Title - Ladder Match - Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries
They set the ladder upside down and Hardy dove into the middle of it. The ladder crunched him and it seriously had to hurt. Aries then hit a senton on it. Aries put him like that on the outside and put steps on top to trap him. Aries was climbing to win it but then stopped. Jeff had gone under the ring then climbed up the ladder. Jeff was ontop of the ladder and got pushed off. He got hung up on the ladder and had a bad fall. Aries took a japanese armdrag into the ladder and landed on his neck. Hardy then hit an alley oop reverse powerbomb. Hardy then climbed on top of the wobbly ladder and hit a splash. Hardy climed the ladder and got a springboard dropkick. He took a really nasty fall again this time hard on his shoulder. Aries then dropkicked a ladder into Hardy's face in the corner. Hardy hit a twist of fate off the ladder. Hardy went for the belts but Aries grabbed the controls to the thing that hung the belts. He pushed the belts up higher than Jeff could reach. They got the super ladder out and both climbed it. They then both landed on a ladder that was hung across the ropes. Hard then hit a twist of fate on that ladder and got the belts for the win. Strong match here with many creative spots. Just when you think you've seen it all in a ladder match, they do something new. Very good main and well worth going out of your way to see.

Overall thoughts: Nothing that bad here and the show was very good overall. The main is definitely worth a look if nothing else.

Stay tuned this week for SEVEN WWE shows, the newest New Japan PPV, Oz Academy and maybe Stampede?