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Stampede Wrestling 11/1978 Review

Stampede Wrestling 11/1978 Review

Kasa VooBoo vs Denny Alberts
Kasa Vooboo beat Denny Alberts with a middle rope headbutt. Kasa VooBoo is awful. He's seriously one of the worst wrestlers I've ever seen. I don't think I've ever seen anyone minus George Steel be as boring as him. All he did was choke, bite and throat thrust, then repeat. This went about 8 minutes and I had to fast forward.
"I've heard news that Sakurada is on his way back here. Well this here is what Kasa VooBoo is going to do to Sakurada as well." - John Foley
"It's come time that things are gonna change around here. This picture is about to end. Now Stu Hart, you keeping everyone away from me. I'm here for the championship. You hiding everybody from me son." - Big Daddy Ritter aka The Junk Yard Dog
"Tonight, I'm gonna end Paddy Ryan and maybe then I'll get the chance I deserve, because I'm the most beautiful, colorful and durable heavyweight in the world baby and for now, don't you talk too much." - Big Daddy Ritter aka The Junkyard Dog
"*Cough* Excuse me, I picked up an pneumonia or I picked up a germ talking to John Foley." - Ed Whalen
The Cuban Assassins vs Jerry Morrow and Danny Babich
Danny Babich is from Yugoslavia. That's a country that has not been represented much in wrestling.

Danny Babich and Jerry Morrow beat the Cuban Assassins when one of them jumped off the top rope and hit their partner. I guess top rope moves are automatic DQ's here? This was a pretty decent match. The Assassins brought the workrate and spent a good amount of time working on Jerry Morrow's leg until he made the comeback which lead to the DQ.

"Paddy Ryan, you're getting ready for Big Daddy (Ritter)" - Ed Whalen
"Well, this is the biggest match I've had in a while. Big Daddy's on the march." - Paddy Ryan
"I'd like to tell you something Ritter, you put me out of action for a week, you cut me for 5 stitches. He says I'm over the hill and belong in an old people's home. Well, when I'm ready to go to an old people's home, I'll go Ritter and in the meantime, I'm gonna lay one on your eye tonight." - Paddy Ryan
"I'm gonna stretch your big butt tonight." - Paddy Ryan
"I think I got two things on my side tonight. Wayne Hart is the referee and I think he's a pretty good referee and I've got the crowd on my uh side tonight. I'm ready to give it 100%." - Bret Hart
"I'm ready to go all out for my match. I never felt so ready." - Bret Hart
Texas Death Match for the British Commonwealth Junior Heavyweight Title - Bret Hart vs Norman Frederick Charles III
"Norman Frederick Charles is on dreamstreet. There are those detractors that say that's where he is regularly." - Ed Whalen
"I think this is as one-sided of a licking that I've ever seen Charles take. He's not offered one bit of resistance." - Ed Whalen
"The crowd has been silent because it has been so one-sided." - Ed Whalen
The Dynamite Kid then ran in and started beating up Charles then they just cut away. No explanation there.
"Dynamite, you were hetting in the crowd and nobody noticed you." - Ed Whalen
"I've been sitting up in England after two and a half months because of my leg and my knee." - The Dynamite Kid
"Well that was a Norman Frederick Charles incident, wasn't it?" - Ed Whalen
"I want a match with Charles next week right here in this ring." - The Dynamite Kid
"The Dyanmite Kid returned? I didn't even know he was in town." - Charles
"He's running scared, he knows I've got him beat. You see that Stu Hart running around the ring? You see his eye? I put one of my fingers in his eye and nearly drug it out, but I felt sorry for him because he's an old man." - Charles
"I'll gurantee you Dynamite Kid. When I get done with you, I'm gonna break your leg one more time." - Charles
Paddy Ryan vs Big Daddy Ritter aka The Junkyard Dog
They were having a match then Ed Whalen just randomly said:
"That's it, I'm gonna stop it. I'm not gonna show you anymore". What is this crap? Then they completely cut away to something else. This is a weird promotion.

He then said:
"May I explain in the cutting the previous bout that a few minutes later Stu Hart, the promoter, stopped it. My feeling is that if the referee will not stop it when a wrestler is cut then I'm going to stop it. I've had enough of the nonsense and if they're not gonna stop it, then I will". "At any rate, if you care about the records, Big Daddy Ritter was declared the winner because Hart, judged the fact that Paddy Ryan was hurt and unable to continue".

North American Heavyweight Championship - Alo Lelani vs Moose Morowski
The finish of the first fall
Moose Morowski beat Alo Lelani with a shoulder breaker in the first fall. Lelani got a fall during a break and they just didn't show it or expand upon it further. Big Daddy Ritter than came down in the 3rd fall and interfered giving the victory to Alo Lelani. Bad match with little heat and a stupid finish.
"Next week Ritter, either you or Moose." - Alo Lelani
"You'll take on both of them?" - Ed Whalen
"I don't care, either one of them." - Alo Lelani
"Every week from now on, until I get a shot for that title, I'm gon' injure them." - Big Daddy Ritter
"You can have Leilani if you want to," - Stu Hart
"I want him and I want that belt." - Big Daddy Ritter
"Leilani ain't hiding behind anybody." - Stu Hart
"He's hiding behind your skirt." - Big Daddy Ritter

Overall thoughts: This was awful. Just awful. Bad and slow matches, footage missing from falls and non-finishes. A total waste of time.

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