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NXT 10/31/2012 Review

NXT 10/31/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

"Old Custard Foot Curtis" - William Regal
"One of his nicknames is Dirty Curty" - Tony Luftman
The Uso Brothers vs Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis
Johnny Curtis is now working a stripper gimmick. If they wanted to do this they should have brought in Magnum Tokyo, Elegido or Alan Stone. This one was over really quick in only about 3 minutes or less. The Uso's won with a rocket launcher on McGillicutty. Decent but way too short to say anything more about it.
"Look at this. Staring from above: Ascension. Long standing rivalry between the Uso's and Ascension - nowhere near over." - Tony Luftman
Xavier Woods aka Consequences Creed vs Leo Kruger
"Leo Kruger was trained by the great Danie Brits in South Africa." - William Regal
Xavier Woods is working a disco dancing type of gimmick here. Interesting to have two dancing gimmicks debut back to back. Xavier wears the words Akira in Japanese on his trunks for some reason.
Leo Kruger beat Xavier Woods with his Kruger's End neckbreaker. Good match here. Woods is alot of fun and I like Kruger's gimmick more and more each time. This match is one of the joys of NXT. You can do some fun gimmicks that probably wouldn't work in WWE, but will work fine on NXT.
"Look at the demented look on his face." - Tony Luftman
"5 is a wonderful number. Afterall, I have 5 fingers on each hand and how many toes do you have on each foot? 5. You have a high 5, you've got a low 5." - Big. E. Langston
"I am Vickie Guerrero. I am a WWE superstar, a manager and a cougar vand tonight I am here to recruit some men for my stable and right now someone has caught my eye. You know Biggie, I am sure you and I could make each other very happy." - Vickie Guerrero
"JUST SAY NO" - The Crowd
"You know Vickie, I think I have exactly what you need." - Langston then hit his chalk together making Vickie mad.
"The modern day Maharaja is missing his crown jewel - the NXT championship. Being a champion is my birthright. It's also my right to have a rematch with Seth Rollins." - Jinder Mahal
"I think you need to get to the back of the line because there's guys who way more deserve a shot than you my friend." - Justin Gabriel
"There's only one person around here who holds a victory over Seth Rollins and can anyone guess who that is? It's Drew McIntyre and I deserve the shot." - Drew McIntyre
"I'm watching this backstage and I feel like I'm watching a rerun. All of you have had your chance, it's my turn." - Bo Dallas who's forgetting that Drew already won so therefore he has the best case.
"You all make a good point. NXT don't give you nothin'. You've got to earn it all." - Dusty Rhodes
"I got an idea though about next week. Fatal Four Way for the #1 contendership, next week right here in this building." - Dusty Rhodes
This was a stupid segment. You have two people in Drew and Jinder playing different gimmicks and not even acknowledging that they are tag team partners. Then you have Drew who said that he beat Rollins and therefore should get the first crack while Bo Dallas whose done absolutely nothing is going to get a shot too. Makes no sense whatsoever and this whole segment was a slap in the face to anyone who watches WWE.

Roman Reigns vs CJ Parker
Roman Reigns is the son of Wild Samoan Sika and the brother of Rosey, the former WWE superstar.
"The greatest names had that it factor and Roman Reigns has the name and the it factor, the whole package." - Tony Luftman
I've been waiting to see Roman Reigns for a while. Obviously, there's some comparisons with the Rock that could be made since they both come from the same family and both are pretty big dudes. Reigns also looks like a star, but they need to change the black tights.
The finish
Roman Reigns beat CJ Parker with an Ore Ga Taue(A backdrop into a chokeslam invented by Akira Taue of Pro Wrestling NOAH). Not a good debut at all. The announcers hyped him as the second coming and beyond, but he showed nothing. All he did was club his opponent with forearms and not really even good ones like Sheamus. He needs offense and FAST.

United States Championship - Antonio Cesaro vs Tyson Kidd
This is the third match between these two. Cesaro debuted against Kidd in April(see here: and they had a match on Raw (see here: ).
"I love it when Tyson Kidd comes to the ring. You get excited right away and know you are going to see a great competitive match." - William Regal
"Anytime he gets some time off ho goes back to Calgary and gets training and talks strategy with Bret Hart or Lance Storm, anyone he can better himself from." - William Regal
"Amazing strength by Tyson Kidd!" - Jim Ross
The finish - The Gotch-Style Neutralizer
Antonio Cesaro beat Tyson Kidd with a Gotch-Style Neutralizer in a good match. You know you are getting quality with these two and they didn't disappoint. Kidd was really good here and Cesaro was his usual good self too. This is probably going to be your MOTW and is worth seeing. Rating:***

Overall thoughts: Pretty good show overall. We got some fresh faces and a decent main event plus some set-ups for next week. Hated Drew and Jinder playing two different characters though. It'd be cool if they weren't teaming together, but they are. If you can skip that part, you can probably enjoy this.


  1. it's amazing how far has roman reigns come since this ! he's probably a world title material talent by now.

  2. also, I like this new "notify me" button after the comments SO MUCH ~