Sunday, November 11, 2012

AWA All Star Wrestling 8/22/1981 Review

AWA All Star Wrestling 8/22/1981 Review

Last week's show is here:

Tito Santana vs Herman Schafer
Tito Santana beat Herman Schafer with a running crossbody. This was just a squash. Nothing too too exciting though Tito threw some nice dropkicks.

Nick Bockwinkle vs Tony Leone
"That's the the Orient Sleeper. They say they brought it back from well uh, I dunno, the orient." - Rodger Kent
Nick Bockwinkle beat Tony Leone with a sleeper. This was all squash here with Bock working the knee, doing a few moves like the dropkick and the backdrop and getting the sleeper for the win.

Hulk Hogan vs Freddy Torres
Hulk Hogan beat Freddy Torres with a leg drop in no time at all. Torres got nothing in here. The crowd loved Hulk Hogan.

2/3 Falls - The High Flyers - Greg Gagne and Jumping Jim Brunzell vs Tom Stone and Chris Curtis
Jim Brunzell got the first fall for his team when he dropkicked Chris Curtis and pinned him.
Greg Gagne got the win in the 2nd fall with the Gagne sleeper to get the win. The squash could have been worse but it was one more fall than it needed to be and we knew the result here.

Baron Von Raschke vs Pancho
Baron Von Raschke beat Pancho with a claw. Baron was fun atleast and made some funny faces.

Overall thoughts: Nothing even resembling a competitive match here as this was all squash. It wasn't "bad" but how good can a bunch of squashes be? Skip it.

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