Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Zoltan Boscik vs Steve Grey - 3/18/1978

Zoltan Boscik vs Steve Grey - 3/18/1978
6 Rounds, 5 Minutes Each
2 Falls, 2 Submissions or a KO to win

According to announcer, Zoltan Boscik is from Budapest, Hungary and is the former lightweight champion. He is 11 stone or 154lbs. He is the heel here.

The 3-in-1 Boscik Special
Zoltan Boscik got the first fall after using the 3-in-1 Boscik Special.
Steve Grey gets the pin for the 2nd fall
Steve Grey wins the third fall
Steve Grey beat Zoltan Boscik two falls to one with a double kneehold pin. This was an amazing match. William Regal said that Zoltan Boscik was the greatest wrestler he's ever seen, and judging from this, he's up there in my book too. He was superb here. He bumped around everywhere, was fast, technical and was a great heel. Just a totally awesome performance. Steve Grey was very good too but this was the Boscik show. This is one of the best World of Sport matches I've seen and I really urge everyone to take it out. It's like watching wrestling for the first time as this is completely different than anything ever seen in the USA. Rating: *****

This was a total clinic and after thinking about it, I can't go less than 5 stars. Everything was exceptional, both guys played their roles well, there was heat and it told a pretty good story. This is a must see match so check it out!

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