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WWE Superstars 10/20/2012 Review

WWE Superstars 10/20/2012 Review

Last week's Superstars is here:

Tensai vs Michael McGillicutty
This is probably going to be a disaster heatwise as both guys are heels and Superstars past attempts at doing these in the last few weeks have failed.
Tensai got busted open somehow
"Tensai came back to test the treacherous waters. It's different than when he was here before." - Josh Mathews
McGillicutty goes for the Perfect Plex!
Tensai beat Michael McGillicutty with a Baldo Bomb then a senton. This actually worked. They had Michael be all fiery and they had him use some of his dad's moves. Michael showed some personality and stuff here and Tensai was rough to him. Good match here that surprised me. Rating:*3/4
Kaitlyn vs Beth Phoenix
"Will we ever find out who attacked Kaitlyn at Night of Champions?" - Scott Stanford
"It's become a real who's done it?" - Josh Mathews
"Could be anybody, could be even you. Do you have a blonde wig in your locker?" - Scott Stanford
"No." - Josh Mathews
"Then it wasn't you I guess." - Scott Stanford
"You're a real tough interrogator." - Josh Mathews
"Natalya, Beth, they're all suspects. Could have been Ziggler for all we know. Ziggler's got blonde hair. No motive there though." - Scott Stanford
"Hahaha. You really thought about this alot." - Josh Mathews
'Well it's almost like a game of Clue." - Scott Stanford
The finish
Kaitlyn pinned Beth Phoenix after she reversed a backdrop for the win. Good match here. Not great, but nice work by both girls with Beth in particular looking really inspired. My only complaint here is that Beth really didn't target the ankle which she certainly should have. Decent stuff though otherwise. Rating:*1/2

Overall thoughts: I miss the old Superstars format. We sometimes got up to 4 matches and now we only get two. I don't think the Raw recaps help ratings and I think they'd be better served with full matches, but their call. I'd say skip this one. The two matches were decent but nothing to go out of your way for.

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