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WWE Smackdown 10/31/2002 - Halloween Edition

WWE Smackdown 10/31/2002 - Halloween Edition
"You know you were a little short last night. I want you to go out there and play that dude and get my money tonight, you understand?" - Ron Simmons of the Acolyte Pimping Agency
"I'm gonna carve my initials into Kurt Angle tonight." - Eddie Guerrero
Tajiri as a disco dancer and Shannon Moore as the devil
Chris Benoit vs Edge
Yep, Chris Benoit missed that by a mile.
Edge bleeds from the nose
Edge hits the implant DDT from the top
The finish
Edge beat Chris Benoit with the spear. They were pretty even in the opening here with Benoit getting the advtange of the middle of the match and for most of the end of it until Kurt Angle came down. He distracted Chris Benoit when he had the crossface on Edge and Edge ended up taking both men out. Benoit rolled Edge back in and got speared for the finish. This was a strong opening match. Tons of stiffness from Chris Benoit and Edge did a bunch of moves that he stopped doing in later years. This was a great opener and was definitely worth a look. Rating:***1/4
"Stop, collaborate and listen, Ice is back with a new proposition. Your position is that of a failure. I'm a nail her, in Jamie Knoble's trailer, and when I get there, you'll run around and cause a scare." - John Cena as Vanilla Ice
"You seen Kurt Angle?" - Chris Benoit to Scream
Funaki as Superman
"Happy Halloween Brock, who are you supposed to be?"
"I'm the WWE champion, that's who." - Brock Lesnar
"This years equivalent of The Thrilla in Manila was Hell in a Cell. And the two participants were the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. I saw the Undertaker walking around last week, and he's not the same man, and you aren't either." - Paul Heyman
"Brock if you can't manhandle the Big Show, and if you can't suplex the Big Show, and if you can't F-5 the Big Show, then you can't beat the Big Show." - Paul Heyman
"It's not a decision you want to hear, but that's why you pay me. That's why people like me make decisions for people like you." - Paul Heyman
The Big Show vs Rikishi
The Big Show beat Rikishi with a chokeslam in only a few minutes. I liked what they did here. Show showed how powerful he was by toying with Rikishi and looked good here.
"Brock Lesnar, why don't you come on down here and I'll show you face to face what I'm capable of. I'll be right here waiting little man." - The Big Show
"Brock don't go out there, please. If you go out there, it'll be the biggest mistake you ever make." - Paul Heyman
Show talked for a while longer and then Brock Lesnar came out.
"Show, I'll agree with you on one thing. You are a giant. A giant piece of $#!T" - Brock Lesnar
"I've been advised not to lay a hand on you until Survivor Series."
"Last week, I did something to the Undertaker that's never been done before. Tonight, I'll do something to you that's never been done before." - The Big Show
Trick or Treat Match - Dawn Marie vs Torrie Wilson
Torrie Wilson beat Dawn Marie when Dawn Marie tripped over the pit.  Torrie almost lost her top here. The less said about this the better. Torrie threw Tony Chimmel into the pit after.
Tajiri with Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah
"Matt Hardy is here and I think what this party needs, is to be injected with a dose of Mattitude." - Matt Hardy
"Tajiri don't you know you have a match with Matt Hardy tonight? And you are sitting there flirting with Mae and Moolah, versions B.C.? Have you lost your mind? They don't have any Mattitude and if they did, it's definitely dried up by now." - Matt Hardy
"You can't do that to my boyfriend." - Mae Young
"Boyfriend?" - Tajiri
Tajiri gets kissed by Mae Young
"Zorro's a mexican superhero, like Captain America." - Tazz
Matt Hardy beat Tajiri with a low blow followed by a Twist of Fate. Man this was awesome. This was one of the best Tajiri matches that I can recall. He was so crisp and stiff in this and I loved every second of it. He seriously looked like the best worker in the world here with how good he was. I don't know if he's ever been better. Matt was very good too and altogether it led to a great match. Rating:***1/2
"Dad? Daddy?" - Stephanie McMahon
"Since the news of Scott Steiner broke, I heard he's going to sign on Raw." - Eric Bischoff as Vince McMahon
"What gives you that idea?" - Stephanie McMahon
"I'm the guy that's gonna sign him." - Eric Bischoff
Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero
"The referee's the third man in the ring. Why not use him? What the hell." - Tazz
Eddie Guerrero beat Kurt Angle with a frogsplash after interference from Chavo and Kurt's partner Benoit. This was a strong match. These two just stiffed the crap out of each and threw each other everywhere. Definitely a great match here but a so-so finish. Rating:***

"Shut up you. I just got my head taken off by my freakin' own belt, by my freakin' own tag team partner." - Kurt Angle

"Nobody goes anywhere until I find Benoit." - Kurt Angle
"You think you're so smart Benoit, why don't you face me like a man?" - Kurt Angle
"I lovveeee you." - Brother Love
"What are you doing here?" - Kurt Angle
Angle ended up Olympic Slamming Benoit through a table and Benoit hit him with a bottle at the same time. They both were laid out to end the segment.

Brock Lesnar vs Rey Mysterio
"I will destroy you. Gimme the belt. It's mine. It's mine." - The Big Show
Rey Mysterio and Brock Lesnar fought to a no-contest when The Big Show interfered. What they showed of it was really good with Rey being fast and Brock throwing him like a baby. Brock was strong. Then Big Show came out and tossed Rey into the crowd which was awesome, then powerbombing Brock.

Overall thoughts: Great show. Some great angles, they built up some feuds well and every match was stiff and good besides the divas match. Times have really changed in the WWE, but this was total quality. A must see episode of Smackdown!

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