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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 10/20/2012 Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 10/20/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

The long awaited Daniel Bryan vs Tyson Kidd match is today!

Zack Ryder vs Justin Gabriel
They filmed this one differently today. Everything looked film like, different from the usual look. The faces shook hands to start the match and then Justin did the Sting yell. They now officially call Ryder "The Woo Woo Woo Kid". Both guys went for a body press and collided in mid-air. They came back from the commercial with Gabriel flipping out of an armlock and then both of them going for dropkicks at the same time. Josh said, "You believe one is playing chess and the other is playing checkers".  Gabriel hit a small slingblade here then missed a big top rope moonsault. Ryder apparently hit a missle dropkick, but they cut away from it. No head or neck moves guys! Zach then got the win with a Rough Rider that also wasn't shown! SMS! SMS! This was actually a really good match. For some reason, no head or neck moves seems to mean lets do technical moves which is cool by me. This show always has the most technical wrestling of any show during the week. After the match, both men hugged. Very good wrestling-oriented match. Rating:**

After the break, Scott Stanford did a quick recap of it.

Feature on the snake men of WWE
We got some clips of Jake, Austin and Orton.  Some nice old clips here of Jake that I wish were shown more often. Not much to see here.

Randy Orton then talked about how he got the viper name,. He said since his childhood he was into reptiles.

Daniel Bryan vs Tyson Kidd
This one was highly pimped about a month ago and now it finally makes air! Santino chanted YES along with the crowd. Kidd grabbed Bryan by the beard and held him at bay. DB then said he was going to leave until Kane's pyro hit. Kane pointed towards the ring and told DB to get back in.  DB then hit a really fast airplane spin. He kpet it going for a long tim here, atleast 30 seconds. Both men then walked dizzy around the ring trying to get their balance. DB did a big knee to the turnbuckle with absolutely nobody there. Kidd went for the pin, but only a 2. DB then did the Johnny Saint Lady of the Lake ball move.. Kidd rolled DB around until finally giving in and grabbing his hand. DB the pinned him right after it. You know, this was worth the hype. This was quick but a heck of alot of fun.  Rating:***1/4

Kane then grabbed DB's belt and held up both titles. DB tried to jump for them but couldn't reach them. DB then pouted until Kane gave him back the belt. They argued to close the show.

Overall thoughts - Really good SMS. Two great matches and this show is approaching Superstars territory. This was the best SMS yet!

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