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WWE Main Event 10/17/2012 Review

WWE Main Event 10/17/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

They did a small package on Kofi Kingston, showing pictures of him as a kid. They showed a part of his Tough Enough highlight video package.

Kofi said that Miz brought out a side of him that hasn't been seen in a while. He said on Monday he wanted to show Miz a lesson but tonight is about beating him.

Miz came out and they showed big cut above his eyebrow from the Kofi kick on Monday(see here - They said he got 6 stitches.

They then showed a Miz package that brought up his small run as the host of Smackdown. They showed all the superstars calling him annoying and CM Punk said, "He's the man everyone loves to hate". I thought him being labeled as annoying was more fitting.

Intercontinental title - The Miz vs Kofi Kingston
Kofi hit a big flip plancha over the top pretty much kicking Miz in the head on the landing. They traded pinfall attempts after this with Kofi almost hitting another rebound Trouble in Paradise kick.
We then went to commercial.

We came back with Kofi having the advantage. He ended up getting powerbombed. JBL said that he "used to love to hate him, but now, he loves to like him" about Miz. Kofi tried jumping up to the top from the middle rope but Miz pushed him off to the floor to take us to another commercial.

We came back with Miz in control. They punched each other and we got a mild boo/yay segment until Miz got backdropped out. Miz tried to throw Kofi at the ring steps and he somersaulted over them. He looked like he landed on his neck so I'm not sure how helpful it was. They came back in with Kofi hitting the Boom Boom drop. Kofi then hit an SOS but Miz's foot was on the ropes.

Miz tried to run away but Kofi dove on him and threw him back in the ring. Miz almost had this one here by pinning Kingston with his foot on the ropes, but he caught. He then got hit with a Trouble in Paradise kick for the Kofi win.

This was a long match. It must have gone about 20+ minutes. It was a very good match but not great. They filled in the time well and I really liked Kofi's come out of nowhere offense. Miz did a perfectly fine job too and they put over Kofi winning the title well. Rating: ***

Striker interviewed Kofi after and he said, "I told you it was time to let the beast out". He talked about legends holding the title and being happy to be the next one in line. He said, "the title isn't just about me, but everyone in the arena tonight". He said, "you can be the one to have fun and say boom, boom, boom and win". He then dedicated a boom, boom, boom to Miz.

Miz got interviewed by Josh Matthews in the back with his stitches being opened a little. Miz grumbled, "The title is mine" and said, "I didn't lose it, it was stolen from me". He looked ready to cry and said he wanted his rematch.

Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder
Dolph's hair dye is drying up as his hair was just as black as it was blonde. JBL compared Vickie with Farmer Burns again here, calling her a great coach. Ryder hit a really nice Broski Boot before eating a Zig Zag for the Ziggler win. Short but decent.

Dolph got on the mic after and challenged anyone to a match next week on Main Event. Dolph thought he would get off without a challenger but Ryback came out. He was shaking his head and yelling, "feed me more".

Overall thoughts: Good show. Both matches were decent and the interviews/packages leading up to Kofi/Miz were good too. The hour went pretty quick and it might be worth a look.

Stay tuned for IMPACT and NXT tomorrow and possibly ROH Glory By Honor XI if I can finish it in time.

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