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WCW Starrcade 1991 Review

WCW Starrcade 1991 Review

This is Part 2. Part 1 is here:
"Abdullah wanted to be Cactus Jack's partner and Cactus's partner is Buddy Lee Parker. Listen to that head hit that steel locker." - Jim Ross
"Where's my partner? Where's my partner?" - Cactus Jack
"There's my partner!" - Cactus Jack
"The officials have to take charge here. This cannot happen at all." - Tony Schiavone
"Tony, why don't you go tell Abdullah he can't wrestle?" - Jim Ross
"I'll do that, Jim." - Tony Schiavone
Ricky Steamboat and Todd Champion vs Cactus Jack and Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker

"Parker made his way up. He's being hammered again." - Tony Schiavone
"Abdullah is totally confused and that shorldn't surprise anyone." - Jim Ross
"Abdullah was totally confused when he arrived at the arena." - Tony Schiavone
"You gotta hand it to him. He's trying to get to the ring." - Jim Ross
"Looks like someone in the desert crawling for a drink of water doesn't it?" - Tony Schiavone
"Cactus Jack could be mirage-like if you are hallucinating right?" - Jim Ross
"He's gonna help him in!" - Tony Schiavone
Ricky Steamboat beat Parker with a flying cross body from the top. This wasn't a great match but the story was great. You had to love Buddy fighting to get to the match then getting cheated out by his partner. Good story here and entertaining stuff.

Abdullah the Butcher and Sting vs Flyin' Brian Pillman and Bobby Eaton

"Sting and Abdullah are on the same team for crying out loud. I cannot imagine Sting tagging in Abdullah after what we've just seen." - Tony Schiavone
"If you're Flyin' Brian what do you do? Do you try to make it to Battlebowl or do you try to help Sting? It's a very very tough situation." - Tony Schiavone
"The man that's going to benefit from this more than anyone else is Beaytiful Bobby." - Tony Schiavone
"And Bobby is tagging Abdullah. This is really crazy!" - Tony Schiavone
Sting beat Bobby Eaton with a high cross body off the top. This was great storytelling here and this was insane. I've never seen any situation like this before and it was really interesting. So many storylines at work. This was truly a classic a definite must see for the wildness of it. Rating:****

"And now these two deranged human beings are fighting. Security's trying to break them up." - Jim Ross
"What a bizarre match-up here." - Jim Ross
"Maybe for next year's Battlebowl they oughta have some kind of mental test to keep some people out of Battlebowl." - Tony Schiavone

Rick Steiner and The Nightstalker vs Big Van Vader and Mr. Hughes

The Nightstalker is a young Adam Bomb aka Wrath from WCW.
Big Van Vader beat The Nightstalker with a splash. This was short but explosive. Rick Steiner was throwing fatboys around and that's about all they had time for before the finish. They pushed the Nightstalker as being inexperienced and basically being worthless but I'm not sure why. Good for what it was, but very very short. Rating:*1/2

Scott Steiner and Firebreaker Chip vs Johnny B. Badd and Arachnaman
It doesn't get more random than this does it?

Scott Steiner yelled at one point in his angry Scott Steiner voice, "Come on, CHIP." I found it to be hilarious. I guess you just have to hear it.
Scott Steiner beat Arachnaman with a belly to belly overhead suplex. This wasn't a bad match but not that good or anything. Scott Steiner provided the highlights and the rest just stuck to basic things. Could have been alot worse. Rating:*

Ron Simmons and Thomas Rich vs Steve Armstrong and P.N. News
The cameramen worked the crowd and the announcers here by doing a close-up of News when he wasn't even picked until the very end.
 Ron Simmons beat Steve Armstong with a spinebuster. This was weird and not very good. This was slow and just odd.

Rude pulls Steamboat out after he is eliminated by him
"Rude back in! Rude with the Rude Awakening! He should be out of here! Sting had to go through Abdullah as his partner and now has to deal with Rude who was already eliminated." - Jim Ross
"Luger's last thing on his mind is to put Sting over the top rope." - Jim Ross
Sting eliminated Lex Luger to win Battlebowl. Battlebowl was pretty decent and they did a really good job with doing the Sting win. He looked really strong and the crowd loved it. It would also eventually lead to the Sting/Luger match which is a sign of good booking. It was a really cool moment and I enjoyed it.

Overall thoughts: Overall this was a good show. Battlebowl kind of limited some things but it also brought some interesting scenarios and teams that wouldn't have happened otherwise. WCW had a plan in mind with Sting and used Battlebowl to execute it. It was very well done and overall the show was pretty good. Either Taylor/Z-Man vs Luger/Arn or Sting/Abby vs Pillman/Eaton were the best matches with Battlebowl coming close. Overall, this is worth a look and I think you will enjoy it.

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