Saturday, October 27, 2012

STARDOM - STARDOM X STARDOM 2012 8/5/2012 Review

STARDOM - STARDOM X STARDOM 2012 8/5/2012 Review
It looks like only some of the show has made it online, so I'll review what is available.

Act Yasukawa & Saki Kashima vs Kairi Hojo & Yuhi
鹿島 沙希 & 安川 惡斗 vs 夕陽 & 宝城カイリ
The finish
Kairi Hojo beat Act Yasukawa with what appears to be a cross legged boston crab with a bridge or a cross legged ankle lock with a bridge. Either way it looks like it hurts. Not a great match but it was alright. They blew a few things early when they tried stuff on the ropes but made it back up. Yuhi's already the ROTY but Kairi Hojo is surely going to be competing for it soon. She definitely has it. Rating:**

Wonder of Stardom Title - Yuzuki Aikawa vs Yoko Bito
愛川 ゆず季 vs 美闘 陽子
Yuzuki Aikawa beat Yoko Bito with a tiger suplex. I hate STARDOM crowds. They killed the Natsuki/Leon match which should have been a MOTYC and they just don't come for good wrestling. If it wasn't for the ring attendants, there'd be no heat for anything. This was a good match but it needed more heat, more time and it needed to be in the main. Lots of stiff kicks everywhere here. Yoko Bito kicks exactly like Fuka used to but kicks much harder. Yuzupon was good showing her flexibility on shots but this just wasn't the right place for this. I feel bad as with any other crowd, this would have been better. No fault to either of the girls here, just the promotion and its fanbase. Wait until these girls get a rematch. I think they can hit 4 stars with about 20+ minutes, a stronger crowd and actually getting to do a finishing stretch. Rating:***1/2

Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Miho Wakizawa
Believe it or not, less than two years ago, Miho Wakizawa was still pretty hot, but she looks really awful with her new haircut.
Hiroyo Matsumoto beat Miho Wakizawa with a Ligerbomb. Hey, Hiroyo wins one! Unfortunately, it was in a comedy match against Miho Wakizawa. I've decided that Hiroyo really needs an agent. She needs someone to be like, you aren't working unless it's near the top of the card and you ain't losing anytime soon. Hiroyo really shouldn't have been booked in this even though it was entertaining and actually pretty good. Atleast, she won. Atleast, she won. Rating:*1/2

Kyoko Kimura vs Natsuki Taiyo
夏樹☆たいよう vs 木村響子
The finish
Natsuki Taiyo beat Kyoko Kimura with a swanky Jackknife pin. Man this was awesome. They stiffed the crap out of each other, they worked super fast and they did alot of really sweet moves. This is why I watch joshi but this was totally not what the Stardom fans came to see. I feel terrible for both girls because they worked their tails off and then some but because neither has any implants or has worked at any maid cafe's, the crowd didn't care. Sucky crowd, awesome wrestling. Don't miss this. This is a serious MOTYC here. Rating:****1/2

Queen of Stardom Title - Nanae Takahashi vs YOSHIKO
高橋 奈苗 vs 世Ⅳ虎 YOSHIKO
If you think about it, YOSHIKO is really a better heel version of young Nanae Takahashi.
Nanae Takahashi beat YOSHIKO with a wrist clutch emerald Fusion in a really good match. They bought brought the hate and lots of mean slaps. YOSHIKO was constantly heeling it here and even held up a middle finger for about two minutes straight during a Octopus Stretch. Good bout here with actual heat! Rating:***1/2

Overall thoughts: All the matches shown were at the very least decent with the Taiyo/Kimura match being a MOTYC. The two title matches were very good also so overall this is a great show. Definitely worth checking this out!


  1. I actually prefer Nanae/Yoshiko to Natuski/Kimura.

    Also, the guy who posted the rest onto Youtube also put up the Eri Susa/Yuri Haruka vs Mayu Iwatani/Natsumi Showzuki match. It's pretty meh-I think there's a reason these four are working the early card. There was also a Natsuki vs Io match on this show (I think it got added to the show at the last minute after Io got cleared from the pot smuggling) but I don't know if it made TV.

  2. I could totally see that. Lots of good stuff in Nanae/Yoshiko too for sure. Yoshiko could have won that and I'd have no problems with it, but I guess they are going to save Nanae losing the title until Sumo Hall.

    Haruka is not really good at all and is basically getting pushed due to her chest size. The fans love Mayu though. She was the most over on the show I went to. I haven't seen Io in a while so I'd be up for seeing her match if it makes it online.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. I don't know if you've heard this yet, but Yoko Bito had to retire. It was a neck injury, which apparently happened in this match.

  4. That is shocking and terrible. STARDOM had high hopes for her and I did too. That's sad and a big loss for wrestling.