Wednesday, October 10, 2012

RINGS - 8/21/1992 - Volk Han vs Dick Vrij

RINGS - 8/21/1992 - Volk Han vs Dick Vrij
ヴォルク・ハン vs ディック・フライ

Before we get started, wikipedia translates Dick Vrij's name as Dick Fry. Just thought I would throw that one out there.
Volk Han immediately goes for the Commando Clutch on Dick Vrij
Dick Vrij looks like he couldn't be more excited to get out of a leglock from Volk Han
The finish
Volk Han beat Dick Vrij with a leglock. This was a strong match. The crowd was hot and the wrestlers moved at a super fast pace. They hit alot of nice shots and the ground work here was very good. Unfortunately this was clipped (even though it was 10:35) so it's hard to rate but I really liked this.

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