Thursday, October 11, 2012

RINGS 5/16/1992 - Volk Han vs Grom Zaza

RINGS 5/16/1992 - Volk Han vs Grom Zaza
FIGHTING NETWORK RINGS The 1st Anniversary KOHRIN MEGA-BATTLE 4th Commercial Tape 5/16/92 Tokyo Ariake Coliseum
ヴォルク・ハン vs グロム・ザザ

Grom Zaza's full name is Zaza Tkeshelashvili. He is 6'2, 244lbs and is from Georgia (not USA's Georgia). He was a freestyle wrestler in the 1996 Olympics for Georgia.
Grom Zaza does a front flip to escape an armbar. Awesome!
Grom Zaza hits Volk Han with a Karelin's Lift.
Volk Han beat Grom Zaza with an STF in a good match. Nice technical work from both guys here and I enjoyed Grom's different throws. Volk hit some really nasty stretchy moves here that had to hurt for real. Rating:***1/4

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