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Ring of Honor TV 10/6/2012 Review

Ring of Honor TV 10/6/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:
Survival of the Fittest Qualifier: Adam Cole vs Tadarius Thomas

Adam Cole beat Tadarius Thomas with the Florida Key. Tadarius Thomas was seriously awesome here and I have no clue why he lost. They need to strap the rocket pack on this guy and push him to the moon immediately because he is the next breakout ROH star. This guy is just amazing and does things like no one else ever has before. Adam Cole is good too, don't get me wrong, but this guy is a human highlight reel. This match was great with tons of cool moves as shown above. Definitely check this out. Rating:***
"Who else do I have to kick in the balls to get what I want around here?" - Jay Lethal
"My next step is the Ring of Honor World title." - Jay Lethal
Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team - Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin vs Fusion DS
Rhett Titus came out.

"Hey Charlie, I may be alot of things, but stupid isn't one of them. I never said I didn't have a partner." - Rhett Titus
"Hey look, it's BJ Whitmer!" - Kevin Kelly
Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team vs Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer
The finish
BJ Whitmer pinned Shelton Benjamin with a roll-up. Odd booking here. You would think Rhett Titus would have got the win but he didn't. This was really short. Not much happened at all with the heels controlling things until BJ Whitmer got the surprise pin. Rating:1/2*

After the match Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team beat up BJ Whitmer and hit the paydirt on him. Looks like BJ Whitmer and Rhett Titus vs Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team is your next program.
They then crotched BJ Whitmer

Inside Ring of Honor
"I don't even like to see his name. He's disgusting and creepy and a pervert." - Maria Kanellis on Mike Mondo
"I made you a promise and I made your boyfriend a promise also. How does it feel to get kissed by a real man?" - Mike Mondo
"Tell your boyfriend been looking for him." - Mike Mondo to Maria Kanellis
Jay Lethal promised to defeat Davey Richards in Toronto.
"Indeed, Tomasso Ciampa did suffer an injury at Boiling Point."
"It is far too important to keep us, I mean my man from succeeding. Don't believe the rumors, my man will compete at Survival of the Fittest." - RD Evans
"I will put my title on the line against Unbreakable Michael Elgin."
"Mr. Elgin, if you could join us that would be lovely." - Kevin Steen
"You will not beat me because I am unbeatable, I am unbreakable and I am Kevin Steen, the best damn thing in wrestling today." - Kevin Steen
"Now you're done. I was gonna tell you that actions speak louder than words." - Michael Elgin before decking Kevin Steen
The House of Truth make the save, minus Roderick Strong who wouldn't come down.
"At Boiling Point, we got screwed, plain and simple out of the tag titles, but come to Steel City, the City of Champions, C&C are comin' to bust heads." - Cedric Alexander
"It doesn't matter what your callin yourselves. The princes in this dummy, the zombie and his mummy or the fat boy in his tummy, C&C is comin' for the gold and comin' for the scum. If you want some, come get some." - Caprice Coleman
ROH World Tag Team titles - SCUM - Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs vs Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander
"He was intimating urinating on him, correct?" - Nigel McGuinness
Double Northern Lights Suplex
C&C won by DQ after Steve Corino used a roll of quarters on Caprice Coleman. After the match, SCUM attacked some more and Michael Elgin evened the score. This was a good match. C&C looked great as usual and they almost had it here. The crowd was into it itd overall it was a very nice main event highlighting C&C. Rating: **3/4

Overall thoughts: Good show. I enjoyed two of the matches here and thought it was a good episode of ROH. Tadarius Thomas is must see and C&C are definitely worth a look too.

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