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Ring of Honor TV 10/27/2012 Review

Ring of Honor TV 10/27/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

They are having audio problems with the channel as the commentators sound like they are talking over a PA somewhere. Tons of echoing anytime anyone talks, even during commercials.

The Briscoe Brothers vs The Bravado Brothers
"The chicken farming, redneck charming Briscoe Brothers." - Nigel McGuinness
The Bravado's missed the Gentlemen's Agreement then got hit with a dropkick
The finish
"Corino and Jacobs, you better watch out because Dem Boys are coming for the gold!" - Kevin Kelly
The Briscoe Brothers beat the Bravado Brothers with a Doomsday Device. This was a little short and an opening match so it wasn't as good as it could have been but it was still a good match. It was really quick and actually too quick for the camera's to catch and it had a couple of cool moves in it. Good opening match here! Rating:**

The Guardians of Truth then came out:
"We got a little unfinished buisness with you two girls. When we came to Ring of Honor, Truth Martini promised us greatness. But he's been a little busy trying to fix his broken House of Truth. So we have become afterthoughts with Truth Martini and have decided to do things our way. We are former WWF tag team champions. We are the most tremendous tag team in wrestling today." - Guardians of Truth
"We are the HEADBANGERS!" - The Headbangers
"Are you gonna man up or are you gonna be chickens?" - Headbanger Thrasher
"With all due respect, you ain't done $h!t until you've done it in an ROH ring." - Jay Briscoe
"Just remember this one thing. There's no right way, there's no wrong way, there's only the Headbanger way hahaha." - Headbanger Mosh
"I'm actually wondering what Mike Bennett did to get a title shot. Oh wait, he did Maria." - Kevin Steen
"In that case, I'm gonna go earn myself a World title shot." - Jimmy Jacobs
"Ooo oo oo, me too!" - Steve Corino
"Guys wait for me, me too!" - Kevin Steen
They did a small feature on past Survival of the Fittest winners:
Bryan Danielson aka WWE's Daniel Bryan
Tyler aka NXT's Seth Rollins

Survival of the Fittest Finals: Jay Lethal vs Adam Cole vs Mike Mondo vs Davey Richards vs Roderick Strong vs Michael Elgin

The House of Truth has two members here with Strong and Elgin but since they aren't really working well together anyway it probably doesn't make a difference strategy wise.

Richards backdropped Strong on the apron which led to a nasty tumble and then Mike Mondo hit a nice moonsault from the top rope onto everyone. Strong hit Mondo with a kick soon after to eliminate him.

Strong then really got at it with Cole. They punched each other in the head hard and fast.  When they came back in, Strong blind tagged himself in and hit Mondo with a sick kick for the elimination. Cole then eliminated Strong about a minute later after Strong and Elgin got into it after a cheapshot by Strong.

Right after that, Elgin hit Cole with a buckle bomb and a spinning powerbomb to take him out. People are just getting eliminated right and left here.
Mike Bennett cut a promo saying it's about time that he got a title shot and it's about time he became the ROH champ. He said he is "Wrestling's Greatest Fantasy" in response to Steen being called, "Wrestling's Worst Nightmare".

We came back from the show and Elgin did a two man samoan drop and fallaway slam to Richards and Lethal. Really nice spot there. Roderick Strong came back out and knocked Elgin off the top rope into the ring. He also threw the TV title in there. Davey Richards then took Elgin and hit an apron exploder onto Elgin onto one of those hard white plastic tables. It didn't even break.
Lethal and Richards hit both top rope footstomps and elbows then dogpiled on Elgin for the pin. Elgin then kicked out and took a few lariats from Davey. He responded by spitting on him. Richards and Lethal then stereo superkicked Elgin in the face to eliminate him.
We are now down to Lethal and Richards. Members of the ROH locker room then came down to pound the mat. This seemed akward and not really worthy of that spot, because it is a spot. Lethal hit two Lethal Combination's but still couldn't put Richards down. LEthal and Richards exchanged ankle locks with Lethal putting Richards in the Figure Four ankle lock.

Richards hit an exploded that sent Lethal out then Richards followed with a top rope foot stomp that Lethal kicked out of at 1. They did that stupid superplex with Richards holding on for another suplex spot. Lethal then hit a pair of release suplexes without putting Davey down. Lethal then hit a Lethal Injection for the win in a really strong match. The heat was good as was the work. Don't know how or why but Richards and Lethal work very well together and I don't care for either. Rating:***3/4

Overall thoughts: This was a good show. The main event was long and strong and the opener was very good as well. I liked how they built up Survival of the Fittest and the match lived up to it's build. Good edition of ROH and it's definitely worth a look!

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