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Ring of Honor TV 10/13/2012

Ring of Honor TV 10/13/2012

Last week's show is here:

More recorder problems today but atleast I had a VHS tape in, so I could review this. I really apologize for no pictures.

They started out with a Survival Of the Fittest highlight package putting over Tadarius Thomas.

Mike Bennett vs Davey Richards (RESPECT!)
Mike's whole crew was out in pink here with Maria wearing cat ears. Davey started off with a big high kick and almost took it there. They really pushed Davey as a fiery face here. Davey did a cool standing figure four into an indian deathlock. Nigel went very Lawler like talking about Maria. He really needs to cool that as he's better than that and it makes him look bad. Bennett hit a spinebuster on the apron to take us to the break.

WGTT cut a promo saying they don't care who they face next month in Pittsburgh and that they hate Pittsburgh.

We came back with Bennett fully in control.  Davey hit a big suicide dive onto Bennett on the outside and followed with a missle dropkick to take control. They ended up on the apron with Davey going for a high kick and hitting the post, then getting speared on the apron. Mike Mondo came out and kissed Maria which distracted Mike Bennett. He didn't get counted out this time though. Davey got him when he came back in though with a sliding yakuza kick for the win. Good match here with lots of action but I really don't approve of Davey Richards and his stealing money from innocent promoters. Rating:**3/4

Jay Lethal vs Tomasso Ciampa
Ciampa is injured here and on crutches but they are pushing that RD Evans is making him wrestle. Evans talked about shooting Ciampa like a horse because his leg is broke. He then introduced his new recruit QT Marshall and I guess he has fired Ciampa. Ciampa got distracted and Evans drove a crutch through his hurt leg. QT then continued the attack.

SOTF Qualifer - Jay Lethal vs QT Marshall
Kevin Kelly called the crutch attack one of the most horrible acts he's ever witnessed. Jay attacked early here and brought it to QT for the beginning of the match. Lethal hit a superkick then a Lethal combination. He jumped up to the top where RD Evans came in for the distraction. Prince Nana then jumped Evans and did a good job of it. He hopped on top of him and threw him into the barricade.  Lethal then hit a Lethal Injection during all of this to get the win. This was alright, but I'm not too into either guy. The best thing about this match was Prince Nana's return. I love a good manager vs manager feud. Rating:*1/2

Adam Cole cut his usual bad weekly promo this time on Kyle O'Reilly for their Pittsburgh match. He's just got nothing there promo wise and I wish they'd keep him off the mic. The only time he reminds me of Matt Hardy is on the mic, because neither is that great at it.

Inside of Ring of Honor
They mentioned that it was Glory by Honor weekend but didn't really push that the show is tonight. I may try to review it, depending on the reports.  They showed clips here of WGTT beating up Rhett Titus. They teased a split between Truth/Elgin. He said one of them needs to step aside. Rhino said there's not enough money for that to happen. Roddy said Elgin's head is getting as big as his balls. That was a good line. They cut between Rhino/Elgin/Truth/Roddy here with different clips of each saying a line or two which was interesting.

They showed a clip of Steen hitting a fan and the ROH attorneys sending Corino a letter with Corino and crew being banned from the Sinclair Broadcasting affiliate dinner.

ROH World Title - Rhett Titus vs Kevin Steen
Can Rhett change tonight's main event and beat Kevin Steen? They started out right on the ramp. BJ Whitmer distracted Steen and Jimmy Jacobs on the outside and Titus came from behind and hit them. They fought alot on the outside here with Titus taking a powerbomb across the ring apron. BJ Whitmer hit Jacobs with a spike on the outside that Titus ended up getting. The ref stopped him from using it and Steen hit a superkick to lead to the F5.

Overall thoughts: Well, all of the matches were decent and I like the Evans/Nana storyline but this show was just a build-up show. The best thing is, they barely even mentioned the iPPV tonight which isn't going to help buisness. This was probably a fail as a whole but atleast the matches were okay. Skip this.

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