Friday, October 19, 2012

BJW - Razorboard Deathmatch - Jun Kasai vs Ryuji Ito

BJW - Razorboard Deathmatch - Jun Kasai vs Ryuji Ito - 11/20/2009
葛西 純 vs 伊東 竜二
A barbwire cactus
Jun Kasai tapes Ryuji Ito to a table
Ryuji Ito reverse the razorboard so Jun Kasai gets it.
Jun Kasai has tacks in his head
A nice 40 pack of light tubes
Jun Kasai beat Ryuji Ito with a Sudden Impact on a cactus and razorboards to win the match.  This was a pretty good match. Korakuen loves Jun Kasai and they were super hot for this. I loved Kasai's balcony jump but I'm not the biggest fan of the razorboards. Like the gusset plates, they obviously hurt and cut up people but you can't really see it due to their being no sound and nothing breaking. The crowd loved it though and both guys, especially Kasai were a mess after this match. Both guys gave it a good effort and Jun Kasai went the extra step here to make this memorable. A strong deathmatch. Rating:***1/4

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