Sunday, October 7, 2012

BJW 9/25/2012 Review - Deathmatches only

BJW 9/25/2012 Review
I will be reviewing selected matches from BJW's 9/25/2012 Korakuen Hall event.
Yuko Miyamoto dresses up as a Brahman brother
Yuko Miyamoto spits out the GREEN GOO
The finish
Drake Younger won with a Kudome Valentine. Good match here. The Brahman's are always entertaining and Yuko Miyamoto as the third wheel was great. Lots of fun and comedy spots here combined with an Attitude era hardcore match. Rating:**1/2

200 Lighttubes - Shadow WX and Shuji Ishikawa vs Ryuji Ito and Takumi Tsukamoto
Shadow WX beat Takumi Tsukamoto with a brainbuster on lighttubes. BJW turned an ordinary deathmatch into a really good one with the young Tsukamoto. Tsukamoto was really good here showing a ton of fire and trying to use his hammer which is a really cool over the top weapon. He really saved this match as he made everything interesting and without him it would have been dull. Rating:***

BJW Death Match Title - Barbwire, Ladders and Lighttubes - Abdullah Kobayashi vs Isami Kodaka
Abdullah Kobayashi beat Isami Kodaka with a diving elbow off the top on a ladder. This one was not that great. The stipulations weren't really there and the crowd didn't believe in Isami at all. The only real highlights were the different moves off the ladder, which were cool. Other than that, this was totally skippable. Rating:**1/2

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