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BJW - 3 Team Fire Deathmatch

BJW - 3 Team Fire Deathmatch - 12/24/2006
Takashi Sasaki, Abdullah Kobayashi & The Winger vs MEN'S Teioh, Jun Kasai and Jaki Numazawa vs Mad Man Pondo, Shadow WX & MASADA

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Only Japan would book an outdoor wrestling venue during winter.
"Who knows fire more than anyone else? Shadow WX." - Mad Man Pondo
"F'ing English." - Mad Man Pondo
Jaki's got a chainsaw while Teioh has a blowtorch
Double spinning toeholds!
Spot of the year? Of the decade?
Even a fan takes a bump!
The japanese table strikes again!
The finish
MEN's Teioh beat MASADA with chokeslam onto fire to win the match. Now this is how you do a fire match. This was awesome. They had a ton of guys in there so they made just about everyone do one fire shot and it was great. You had Winger jumping off a truck, Kasai jumping off a ladder, people going through fireboards and fireballs! This is BJPW at its best. They mixed creativity and violence and it was a masterpiece. This is a MUST SEE match and one of my favorite BJPW matches ever. Don't miss this! Rating:****

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