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All Japan Midget Pro Wrestling - Midget Mania - 6/6/1995 - FMW Exploding Barbwire Deathmatch

All Japan Midget Pro Wrestling - 6/6/1995  - Midget Mania - FMW Exploding Barbwire Deathmatch

世界最小・最強の男達!The world's smallest and most powerful men!
「ザ・ミゼットマニア'95」 [THE MIDGET MANIA '95]
FMW公認 限定有刺鉄線催涙ガス噴霧 爆裂6人タッグデスマッチ

This was made by All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling.

I've seen this tape listed before and my friend even tried to get it for me but I never ended up seeing it. Now it's time...

The All Japan Women's Office and Dojo
Other midgets arrive via plane
"We ride spinners, we ride spinners, they don't stop."
We then get a quick clip of them partying in the club. No, I'm not joking.
Guerrerito Del Futuro and Guerrerito Del Maya
Guerrerito Del Maya getting down~!
Guerrerito del Maya and Mr. Buddhaman
Mr. Buddhaman and Guerrerito Del Maya vs Tomezo Tsunokake and Guerrerito Del Futuro
The finish
Guerrerito Del Maya beat Guerrerito Del Futuro with a wacky lucha submission that I've never seen before. The japanese midgets were terrible. They blew almost every spot and were treated like a joke while the mexican midgets were awesome. They worked just like full sized wrestlers, did lots of cool stuff and were generally great wrestlers. Tough one to call here as for every good that the mexican midgets did, the japanese ones had something bad. Rating:*
After the match, the mexican  midgets visited what I assume to be a midget pimp and/or drug deale named Enanito Fili Estrella in Mexico. I wish I spoke spanish.
I can just imagine the stories from the airport that day.
Exploding Barbwire - Little Franky, Mr. Buddhaman and Tomezo Tsunokake vs Guerrerito Del Futuro, Guerrerito Del Maya and Enanito Fili Estrella
Fire Extinguishers went off for no apparent reason when they touched the turnbuckles.
The big finish
Enanito Fili Estrella pinned Mr. Buddhaman after and explosion. This was really odd. Halfway during the match they just said screw it and started throwing Tsunokake into the exploding ropes a bunch of times and it became more like some weird C-Movie at that point. The luchadores tried to work here but it was hard since they couldn't use the ropes due to the explosions and since their opponents really sucked. You wouldn't want to watch this for anything else except curiousity or if you just wanted to be weirded out. They no sold most of the explosions and I think the wrestlers may have gotten sick from all of the fire extinguishers. No rating for this because I don't even know what this was.

Overall thoughts: Probably worth a look because there's never been anything like this since. This was like some wild acid trip here. If you like midgets and explosions this is for you. This was very reminiscent of an episode of Wrestling Society X.

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