Thursday, September 13, 2012

WWE Superstars 9/13/2012 Review

WWE Superstars 9/13/2012 Review

There will be limited pictures and no gif's on this one. I apologize ahead of time.
Justin Gabriel vs Tensai
Tensai and Gabriel apparently had a MITB qualifying match this year where Tensai won.
Tensai won here with his senton splash. This was one of the better 5+ minute matches I've seen in a while. Gabriel controlled the middle section of this and looked like he was going to pull off the upset. He hit a cool kick to the head but get ultimately got caught after his asai moonsault with a Baldo bomb. Both men were really good here and I demand a rematch ASAP.

Santino Marella vs Jinder Mahal
Jinder's cobra
Santino won this one with the Cobra. This was a fun match. Santino was his usual self and every match is usually more entertaining with him in it. Jinder was okay, but this was all the Santino show. I'm surprised to see Jinder lose but he's been dropping falls lately like his loss last week to Ryback and the week before when he lost to Rollins.

Natalya vs Alicia Fox
Fox throws Natalya's gear at her head
This was a strong match. Fox started out doing some lucha hurracanrana's and Natalya was her usual good self. She even tried to get a "Canada" chant going. Fox worked Natalya with her leg scissors a little and then Natalya powered out and put on a sharpshooter for the win. The diva's have been really good lately, especially Natalya.

Cody Rhodes vs Zack Ryder
Cody won here with a Cross Roads in a very good match. This was pretty much back and forth here. Cody busted out a new submission combining the facelock with an armlock(shown above). Don't know what else really to say except it's probably worth a look. Rating:**1/2

Overall thoughts: This was a nice and quick 47 minute show. All of the matches were good and this was definitely a very good edition of Superstars. Check it out!

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