Thursday, September 6, 2012

WWE NXT 9/6/2012 Review

WWE NXT 9/6/2012
We opened up with clips of Seth Rollins winning the NXT title last week.

Richie Steamboat vs Kassius Ohno
If you remember, 2 weeks ago, Richie Steamboat interferred in Ohno's beating of his opponent after the match. You can relive it here This lead to the match.
"Sometimes a good poke in the eye works wonders." - William Regal
Ohno then went for the eyes again and got immediately DQ'd. That's a new one. Ohno then drapped Richie's throat across the guard rail.
Then he hit him with his spinning forearm
Ricky Steamboat then came out and was quite upset.
Audrey Marie vs Paige
Paige was super over as usual.
"You know what I see when I see two ladies like these? Another two knockbacks. Another two young ladies that I couldn't possibly have a chance of going out with." - William Regal
DDT for the win
Not too much to this one. Paige won with her DDT in pretty simple fashion. This was mostly cat fighting.

"Look at me when I'm talkin' to you. How about face to face huh?" - Steamboat
"Ohhh the Dragon's mad. What are you gonna do, armdrag me?
You want your career ended twice?" - Ohno
"This is a slightly different look on Leo Kruger than we've seen in previous week." - Byron Saxton
"He was politely asked to leave South Africa by Nelson Mandella because he was the most prolific poacher in South Africa. Poaching for elephant tusks. He does, yes" - William Regal
So Leo Kruger's new gimmick is that of a poacher. Surely that'll draw.
Leo Kruger vs Percy Watson
"I like a man that will pull on another man's nose." - William Regal
Kruger won with his finisher above. There was nothing to this really. Just a very very basic match. I really hope they aren't going with a poaching gimmick for Kruger.

Brodus Clay then came out:
Pretty sure that's not PG
Brodus Clay vs Not Robert Roode aka Brian Collins
"He can jiggle like a blancmange." - William Regal on Clay
Brodus won here with a big splash in a big squash. Cameron was dancing out there even though she is now technically suspended(I know it's taped).
Brodus danced with the kids after.
"One of those boys got rhythym like me - almost non-existant." - Jim Ross
The Uso Brothers - Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs The Ascension - Connor O'Brian and Kenneth Cameron
Last week the Ascension beat down the Uso's which lead to this match. More details on it here:

The Haka
"It's one of those moves people at home don't understand what's going on. You are actually dying a thousand death's down there." - Regal on the bodyscissors
What is this called?
Cameron won this one with a flying codebreaker. Wasn't too into this one and I do think the wrong team won.
Jim Ross interviewed Seth Rollins. For some reason, a WWE guy threw Seth an NXT t-shirt and he put it on.
"If there's not a bullseye on my head, I'll paint one on there. If you earn yourself a shot, I'll stand in this ring and fight you." - Seth Rollins
Overall thoughts: Aside from the Ohno/Steamboat angle I wasn't too into this show. Nothing else major really happened and it was skippable.  I'm really surprised they didn't get an angle going for Rollins as him getting interviewed by JR to end the show was flat. I don't recommend this one and I say skip it.

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