Monday, September 3, 2012

WOW TV Disk 10 Part 2

WOW TV Disk 10 Part 2

We got some clips of recent screw-ups between Patti Pizzazz and Lana Star with Patti getting locked in a trunk, Lana losing to Randi Rah-Rah and Patti breaking up the Lana/Randi fight in the dressing room. Lana then fired Patti.
Roxy Powers vs Jane Blond
This one was quick and not really good for taking caps. They mostly just exchanged holds which wasn't bad at all to be honest. Would have liked to have seen a longer match between the two.
"By the time I come back from my knee injury, thank you. You better practice because you'll need alot of practice when I come back and kick your butt." - Danger
Caliente vs Riot
Riot got the win here with a sick powerbomb. Then she swung her bat and almost hit the ref in the head. Good match as anything with Riot is good.

David tried to talk to Selena Majors on the phone about her actions against Thug and Terri Gold but she wouldn't talk.
"I'm bald and it's because of you. I'm gonna leave you just like you left me." - Ice Cold to Poison
They then showed clips of the history of the Danger/Riot tag team. I'm not sure why they are doing so many clips and segments instead of matches. This thing went atleast 6 minutes minimum.
"I'm dangerous baby, you remember that Riot, 'cause you're going down." - Danger
They then showed Lana Star being awarded the check for winning the swimsuit contest. Then Ice Cold came:
Ice rips up the check
Then wrestles down David
Caged Heat - Loca and Delta Lotta Pain vs Paradise and Farah
Farah gets dragged by her hair
Caged Heat won with the Drive-By (pictured above). Quick stuff here and it was all squash.

Overall thoughts: Everything was too quick here and this was mostly all squashes and clips. Skip this!

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