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WCCW Disk 5 from Fall 1986 and Summer 1987

WCCW Syndicated Show 6/22 - 1986?

Cowboy Tony Falk vs Steve Simpson (Kerry Von Erich on commentary)
Eric Embry comes down to cheer Tony
"He's showing the crowd he's not just a pansy, he can fight." - Kerry on Tony
Steve tries to defend his brother Shaun from Embry
Steve small packages Tony for the win while Shaun holds back Embry
This was mostly a nothing match. It was quick and the focus was on Shaun and Embry. Kerry was pretty bad too on commentary. He was nervous and couldn't keep up with the moves.

WCWA Texas Title Match: Al Perez (c) vs Skip Young (Kerry on commentary)
"Skip Young is really one of the all-time greats." - Kerry
Young hits a plancha. Go A's!
Yep, all-time great there. Highlights on Sportscenter!
"Oh! Tootsie Roll." - Kerry calling the hurracanrana
Perez gets the win with his feet way on the ropes. How did the ref not see that? This wasn't bad at all. Skip was a little fired up and kind of brought Al along for the ride. It's hard to pay attention to anything else though when Kerry is on commentary. You know he is going to say something stupid. The question is just what will it be?

Lumberjack Match - Al Madril vs Brian Adias
"Brian is an expert on anatomy."
"He could kill somebody." - Kerry
"That's it. He's done something with his fist and that is the dreaded oriental tool." - Bill Mercer
"Al Madril may die right now." - Kerry
Adias won with the oriental tool. This was just okay. The lumberjack's were barely involved at all and might as well have not been there. This was mainly all headlocks until the finish, which I did like.

Al Perez vs Steve Simpson
I guess this is from another show.
"Last time you gave me a good match but you resorted to some trumpeting(?). You better hold onto that title because it's coming my way soon." - Steve Simpson
This was over within a few minutes as Perez threw Simpson over the top and got DQ'd. This was basically a waste of time and the announcers used this to shill the Von Erich's Front Row Ringside book and to talk about Steve's family.

Ted Arcidi and the Rock and Roll RPM's - Mike Davis and Tommy Lane vs The Spoiler, Tony Atlas and Matt Borne
"There's gonna be alot of confusion in this 8-man match." - Kerry, who is obviously the confused one
"When I no longer needed the services of Percy Pringle, I took on a new manager. This is thrash(a trash can). Ain't that right thrash?" - Borne
"Yeah, that's right." - Borne pretending to be Thrash (NOTE - I am not making this up)
"He's promised me he's gonna stay in my corner in every match." - Borne on his conversation with Thrash the trash can.
"I want you to shut up." - Percy Pringle
"Maniac Borne is more wound up than a long tail cat in a room of lobster chairs." - Bill Mercer
Percy got some cheap shots on Borne and Bornet gets revenge
Borne got DQ'd for bringing Percy in the ring and hitting him with stuff. This was an interesting match. It's rare to have so much wrestlecrap in one ring with Doink(Borne), Saba Simba(Atlas) and Mike Davis(see my GWF reviews for his terrible gimmick). The focus of this was all on Atlas vs Arcidi which while I'm sure it would be awful, is kind of interesting. The Spoiler was barely in this at all unfortunately. The work wasn't great, but it was heated and it had some characters.

The Fantastics vs Eric Embry and Frankie Lancaster
"Tommy isn't here yet because the rains have come around the Metroplex."
"A Fantastic's is here and I will wrestle ya. The Fanstastics are fan oriented guys and I will wrestle you." - Bobby Fulton 
"Here comes Tommy Rogers." - Bill Mercer
Tommy Rogers comes in and the bell is rung, ending it. Kerry asked why? and for once, I'm going to agree with Kerry. I guess a run in is a run in, but a waste of time is also a waste of time. The ref called this a no-contest.

WCCW Syndicated Show 7/8/1987

The Mesquite Rodeo Arena in Mesquite, Texas
Texas Red aka The Undertaker vs The Spoiler

The Spoiler won here in 4:02 with a very unimpressive clothesline from the top. Probably the least exciting clothesline from the top ever. Taker was absolutely nothing at point and aside from a nice missed dropkick, he was virtually invisible. It's a shame because I thought this match could be really fun but it was nothing at all.

The Dirty White Boys - Killer Tim Brooks and Len Denton vs Skip Young and Steve Simpson
The White Boys won this one after Percy hit Simpson with his cane and Tim Brooks did a legdrop on Simpson's shoulder. Again, this wasn't much. This is wrestling on tv in the 80's and we are lucky not to get only squashes. I'm not even sure if Skip Young even got in, as I know Denton didn't.

Texas Title: Tony Atlas vs Al Perez (c)
"It's a bird, it's a plane...NOOO, it's Superman Tony Atlas." - Mercer
Al Perez and Gary Hart: Texas Rangers
Atlas does a Superman pose
The finish had Hart slipping Al a microphone for a weapon and then Tony got it. He hit Al in full view of the ref and got DQ'd. Too bad that they had to do this as I was liking this match. Not a classic by any means but the crowd liked Tony and Al did your typical heel stuff. Tony's punches were really awful in this as were his mongolian chops. Tony also got caught by the camera's calling moves a few times. Rating:*

Bruiser Brody vs Abdullah the Butcher with Don Gay on commentary
"I don't even think my bullrope would fit on Abdullah." - Don Gay
"We've had bulls in the arena before, but the fence should hold 'em." - Don Gay
If you've ever seen these two, this is exactly the match you would think they would have. Abby was bleeding within 30 seconds and they just punched each other around the arena. Don Gay seemed to enjoy it and I think I did too actually, but it was totally mindless. It ended without any decision.

WCWA Six Man Titles - 9/19/1986 -  Mike Von Erich, Lance Von Erich and Kevin Von Erich vs Dingo Warrior aka Ultimate Warrior, Matt Borne and Buzz Sawyer
Warrior got no air on that one
Kevin won with a flying crossbody. The VE's did good teamwork while their opponents didn't. Warrior wanted to tag out and no one would tag him twice and that's why he lost. After the match, Percy yelled at Warrior and Warrior decked him, followed by Borne and Buzz. The Warrior turned face.

WCWA 6 Man Tag Title Match - 12/5/1986 - Lance von Erich, Kevin Von Erich and Mike Von Erich vs Black Bart, Brian Adias and Crusher Yurkhov aka Bam Bam Bigelow
Bam Bam's manager, Larry Sharpe
This one ended in a DQ with a win for the VE's. Don't know why it was a DQ, but as you can see above, it ended in a dogpile. They then fought to the back. This was a decent match. The crowd was very hot. The heels cheated and Sharpe got in some shots and the VE's flew and dropkicked all over the place. Bam Bam already looked really good and everyone in this looked decent. Rating:*3/4

Steve Simpson vs Cowboy Tony Falk
This one was stupid. This wasn't too good then Shaun Simpson pushed Tony right off the top rope in front of the ref and nothing happened. Steve got the pin right after.

Ted Arcidi vs Matt Borne
Matt Borne with Tony Borne

The match ended when Pringle pulled Arcidi's foot on the ropes and Tony Borne told the ref about it. He then decked Percy. This was okay enough even though it was only a few minutes long.

Overall thoughts: The stuff with the VE's was good and it was cool to see so many different names. Other than that, I liked the Adias oriental tool angle and I liked some of Atlas/Perez. If you want to see alot of different names and get a little flavor, this is for you.

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