Thursday, September 20, 2012

WCCW Disk 4

July or August 1986 - Rick Rude and The Dingo Warrior vs Mike Von Erich and Kevin Von Erich
Rude's valet - Raven
Rude hit the ref while he was in the claw to get DQ'd. After the match, Warrior beat up Rude for costing them the match. Not much happened here. The faces took a beating mostly and then Kevin started to make his comeback, which is when Rude got DQ'd. The one good thing about Von Erich matches is that it's always heated. The crowd loves them some VE's. I prefer Kevin out of all of them myself and he's easily the most entertaining.

9/5/1986 - Mark Lewin vs Steve Simpson
Hart tries to give Lewin a weapon
Lewin uses an object on Steve
Steve hits a super weak chair and the ref allows it along with the object on Lewin
They brawled to the back and I guess they both got counted out. I hated this. Lewin sucks and Bronko was beyond blind.

9/5/1986 - Abdullah the Butcher (Brass Knuckles champion) vs Brian Adias
Abby won with an elbow. Yep, this sucked. It's Abby afterall. This is your basic Abby match.

9/29/1986 Fort Worth - Crusher Yurkhov aka Bam Bam Bigelow vs The Magnificent Zulu
"Are you gonna come with me? Or are you going to have to learn something by taking a beatin' in this buisness?" - Larry Sharpe to Zulu
"No, no, no" - Zulu
"Crusher, show him no mercy for as long as you feel like it." - Sharpe
"You're missing the oppurtunity of a lifetime." - Sharpe
Crusher won with a top rope splash. Bam Bam was already really good here. Zulu was not, at all. This whole match revolved around Sharpe yelling at Zulu, trying to get him to join him. Of course, I don't know why he would want Zulu when Crusher ran him over. My advice is for Sharpe to see what Dingo is up to instead. Zulu went to the back with Sharpe and we got this update:
"You're looking at the man that I picked to fight Ricky Steamboat at the Cotton Bowl. I'm gonna take Crusher and the new Zulu and show the people of Texas what wrestling is all about." - Sharpe
Forth Worth - WCWA Television Title and $10,000 Purse - Crusher Yurkhov aka Bam Bam Bigelow vs Steve Simpson (c)
"You tell me what you think our next stepping stone is to the world title. You tell me where we go from here." - Sharpe 
Sharpe crotches Simpson
Crusher got the win after Sharpe crotched Simpson. This was about as close to a squash as you can get without being one. Crusher was so much fun in this because he could lift Simpson like a kid, and he did. He did some one armed bodyslams and tried to go for his splash twice(once off the top) and missed both times. This was fun but the result was never in doubt.

10/24/1986 - Lance Von Erich vs Spike Johnson
Spike is from International Falls, Minnesota.
Lance won with a missle dropkick from the top. Spike is not really that good and is just your generic heel. He wasn't over either. Lance was over and aside from his terrible comeback punches, he wasn't too bad in this.

10/24/1986 - Mike Von Erich vs Brian Adias
"Brian Adidas" - Marc Lowrance
"Whoa, did he take a bump." - Bill Mercer
Adias won with russian leg sweep and turned heel in the process. Mike went to shake his hand earlier in the match, then he kicked him while shaking it. This was not good. Mike is really akward in this but I did like him holding the ropes open for his friend after he fell. Steve Simpson then came down after this and got punched for his efforts. Then Marc announced "Brian Adidas" as the winner.

The Dingo Warrior vs Matt Borne
Brian Adias came on the mic at the booth and said:
"I don't have any friends and I don't want any friends. You just saw the living miracle. The miracle would have been if he had beaten me. "
They said that this match was due to Borne and Buzz Sawyer turning on Warrior on Disk 5.
"D-I-N-G-O and DINGO was his name-o" - The crowd (I swear I'm not making this up)
Borne got DQ'd for using the cane. Borne tried but this wasn't good. Warrior was way too green at this point, but the crowd loved him. If you like headlocks, you'll love this.

12/17/1986 Scott Casey and The Dingo Warrior vs Spike Johnson and Killer Tim Brooks
"Calls himself the Greatest Athlete of the 1980's, Spike Johnson." - Marc Lowrance
Dingo won this with a lariat on Spike Johnson. This lasted about 2 minutes so there was almost nothing here.

12/17/1986 - Tony Atlas vs The Grappler
Atlas won with a sleeper hold. Squash City, but Tony looked okay here showing his strength. The ref made Tony wake up his opponent after the match.

12/17/1986 - Lance Von Erich vs Buzz Sawyer
"He looks like the Milky Way out there with all those stars across his ample girth." - Mercer
Lance won via DQ due to Buzz using a chain on him. This was all rest holds, so much that I had to fast forward. Lance held Buzz in an arm lock for about 5 minutes straight, then Buzz gave us 3 minutes in a bearhug. No thanks on this. It was way too long. Dingo came down after this and tried to get even with Buzz for turning on him from Disk 5, but Buzz got the better of him.

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