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Stampede Wrestling September 1978 Review

Stampede Wrestling September 1978 Review

Mike Hammer vs Miguel Perez
Perez works Hammer
Hammer won this one in about 10 minutes(though only 5 were shown). This was pretty boring.
"People were asking why I don't talk to Mike Hammer?" - Whalen
"I'd like to show everybody what happened when he stepped in the ring with Kasa VooBoo last night."
"I'm gonna hold onto the belt Kasa VooBoo and it's gonna take a better man than Kasa VooBoo and Johnny Foley to take it off me." - Paddy Ryan
"The NWA has been investigating but has not come to a decision tonight. Ryan cannot use the sleeper tonight." - Ed Whalen
Mike York vs Alla Leilani
York works an Alaskan gimmick while Leilani works a Samoan gimmick.
"He's got something in his hand there". - Whalen
A fan lets York know what he thinks of him
Mike York and ref Wayne Hart
Leilani got the win here with a running headbutt out of nowhere. This was really not exciting. It was all about York trying not to get caught using his weapon and that's about it. I kind of have a soft spot for York even though he's not very good.
"What are ya, Irish?" - Whalen
"He's been called an animal and now he will be one." - John Foley on Kasa VooBoo

"One thing is even though it's a no DQ match, Ryan still can't use his chokehold." - Foley
"It's a sleeperhold." - Whalen
"It's a chokehold." - Foley
"I can't wait to see when Ryan is cut up and bleedin' in that ring." - Foley
Bret Hart vs Sandy Scott
"Bret Hart has the moves. More moves than a spanish dancer with ants in her castanets." - Whalen on Hart
Bret got the win here with an abdominal stretch in a pretty slow and boring match. He didn't look anything like the Bret we are all used to here. This was just nothing with akward back body drop bumps.

"It's kind of a shame Keith's not here. He was training me but now he's in Japan and I'm kinda stuck without the help I was getting." - Bret Hart
Raul Castillo and Fidel Castillo vs The Magnificent Zulu(from Pittsburgh) and Jimmy Rougeau
The Castillo Brothers got the win with a Vader Bomb. Jimmy (Jacques) Rougeau was about the only highlight in this one. He was pretty awesome and fiery, while the rest were totally replaceable. Everyone else just did really lame brawling, especially Zulu who is indeed terrible.

The Castillo Brothers cut a promo after this in really broken english. They said something about a single match next week.

No DQ, No Count out - Kasa VooBoo vs Paddy Ryan
"Kasa VooBoo is out there without his brains." - Whalen in reference to Foley not being at ringside with him Kasa
The match ended when both men were counted out, in a No DQ(with the sleeper being illegal) and in a no count out match. Congratulations, Stampede wrestling. This match was awful. VooBoo really sucks and Ryan isn't that much better.
"This is the people's belt and I'll defend it with my bloody life." - Paddy Ryan
"Get Foley out of here, I want him handcuffed somewhere." - Ryan
Foley then said his man will take on Ryan in any match.

Overall thoughts: This sucked. Really, it did. Bret Hart even sucked. The only good thing on this show was Jacques Rougeau. Skip it and don't look back.

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