Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Morning Slam 9/15/2012 Review

Saturday Morning Slam 9/15/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Saturday Morning Spotlight: Justin Gabriel
They showed Justin visiting his hometown in South Africa. They blurred out his shirt for some reason, even though it looked like a soccer shirt.

Around the World in 40 Superstars
They talked about the different locations of former and current stars like Kamala, Khali, Big Zeke and Nathan Jones. They went pretty deep into this one even covering Parts Unknown.

Koft Kingston and R-Truth vs Primo and Epico
Turth did some weird spot where he stopped Primo, did a dance then started talking to Little Jimmy.  Everyone came in and debated where Jimmy was. The ref even got in on this before that broke up. Kofi and Truth then did a Kid'N'Play style dance in the ring. I've noticed this show focuses alot on dancing.

The show went to a break and we got a "Don't Try This at Home" promo with Sheamus. Kofi hit his Ranhei and they cut to the booth on it, because it involves a move on the neck. Kofi then got the win. This was a fun match. It had a little something for everyone and these teams are always good when they meet up.

They then showed clips of WWE's recent tour to the Far East. They showed some chinese guy doing a Rock impersonation.

They previewed next week's show which will involve in the Intercontinental title.

They then did a quick package on Antonio Cesaro. He taught the kids how to say "Welcome back to school" in 5 different languages.

Overall thoughts: Decent show today. The one match they showed was good and the other segments didn't make me feel stupid.

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