Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ring of Honor TV 9/1/2012 Review

Ring of Honor TV 9/1/2012 Review

ROH Tag Title Tournament: The Bravado Brothers - Harlem Bravado and Lancealot Bravado vs Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs

Corino and Jacobs announced that if they lose any match in the tag tournament, they will leave ROH. I really can't get past the Bravado brother's names. They absolutely need to change those as soon as possible, especially Lancealot. Just go by Lance, please. Kind of hard to take two guys with goofy names and Brady Bunch style haircuts seriously. Corino got the win here after an okay match and then got attacked by the Guardians of Truth right after. Kevin Steen came in and cleared house then Rhino came out and gored him.

Inside ROH
Adam Cole cut a boring promo and said that Elgin was "going to have to kill him" to get the win. Not good at all. Rhino said to Kevin Steen that, "you will curse your own mother for giving birth to you" when they have their match. The Briscoe's cut a promo calling BLKOUT not the wildcards but the "Queens of Spades." This was taped the same time as last week's promo because they wore the same clothes.

Jay Lethal vs Matt Taven
Add Taven to the list of guys who could use a name change. Lethal said he appealed to Cornette for a title shot at Kevin Steen. Cornette apparently said, "I know that you are a better wrestler than Kevin Steen. I know that you are tougher than Kevin Steen, but I don't think you can beat Kevin Steen". Lethal immediately kicked Taven in the crotch and then hit the ref with an STO. He then said, "How's that for killer instinct?"

The Guardians of Truth vs Charlie Haas and Rhett Titus:
Truth teased taking off his crew's masks. He took them off and underneath there were more masks. Titus and Haas were the faces here and did most of the selling. The Truth's hit a curbstomp/top rope elbow combo. I wasn't super into this and the crowd really wasn't either. The Guardians did masked confusion here but eventually got rolled up by Titus after a failed top rope move. Corino and Jacobs attacked the Guardian's after this.

Overall thoughts: I wasn't too interested in this one. Last week's show was so good that this was almost guranteed to be disappointing. Skip it.

Next week: Adam Cole vs Michael Elgin and Briscoes vs BLKOUT


  1. Isn't Taven supposed to signing with WWE soon? If so, I'm sure he'll get his name change then.

    1. I'm not sure, but if he is, good for him. I had to search his name online because I thought they said Matt Damon!

      Thank you for reading!

  2. you know where i can watch this

  3. If you don't live in a city where ROH is being shown, you can go on during the week. They show episodes but they may be delayed.

    Thank you for reading.