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Mid-South TV 8/4/1983 Review

Mid-South TV 8/4/1983 Review
Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts welcome us to the show
They showed the JYD becoming an honorary member of the Governor's staff.

"I was gonna light up a cigar, but I quit smoking." - Hacksaw with a cigar in his hat talking about winning the tag titles
"Dibiase, pack your bags, because I wanna run you out of town." - Hacksaw

Mid South Tag Team Champions: Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Magnum T.A. vs Larry Hare and Bill Rose
Hare is the hairy one with the red hair.
"Whoa, lost his balance there." - Watts
Squash City right here. Magnum did about 400 dropkicks in this squash. He didn't have much at all at this point besides a look.
Boris Zukhov vs Mr. Wrestling II
2 got the win with his kneelift. This was short and it was okay. It mostly had 2 using his kneelift with some technical stuff in between.
"The idea of Steve "Dr. Dummy" beating me is a farce."
"You could have drove a freight train under my shoulders, and Williams, you weren't even the legal man in the ring." - Bundy on his controversial pinfall loss to Williams.
King Kong Bundy vs "Dr. Death" Steve Williams

"The Oklahoma Stampede vs the Atlantic City Avalanche." - Watts
"With Bundy, you gotta count to five. Doc got out! Doc got out!" - Watts
"That's the first man I ever seen get out from Bundy and Bundy's hot." - Watts
Bundy was DQ'd when Boris Zhukov interferred. That's a shame too as this was a good match. Doc played the spunky up and coming babyface and Bundy was awesome as an egotistical monster.
Doc then cleared the ring with 3 point stance tackles for both.
The Missing Link vs Bill Rathke
"The unknown quantity, The Missing Link." - Boyd
Squash City right here. Bill didn't have a chance as he lost to the camel clutch quickly. Not much to this at all.

Hacksaw Butch Reed vs Ken Johnson
Butch won with the gorilla press here. Again, you know the drill. This was a squash and nothing more or less. At least it was quick.
Rip Rogers and Doug Vines vs Art Crews and Tim Horner
Blah. This was fast paced but naturally, it ended with television time ending. What a waste of time.

Overall thoughts: You want all of Bundy vs Doc and some of Butch Reed. Skip the rest.

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