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LLPW Debut - The Kageki Renaissance! LLPW Grand Opening Commercial Tape 8/29/92 Tokyo Korakuen Hall

LLPW Debut Show 8/29/1992 Review

Leo Kitamura vs Mizuki Endo
Leo won with a moonsault that she really only hit with her legs. That wasn't too good. Crowd wasn't into it until the end and they clipped it too much for me.

Midori Saito & Rumi Yasuda vs. Mikiko Futagami & Yukari Osawa
Yasuda was out for a minute after this

Saito won this with a surprise roll-up on Gami. This had the makings of a good match but it didn't really grow to it. Osawa and Gami did alot of double teams, but they were quite weak. Saito and Yasuda are weak, so lots of weak stuff here. Never take a chair to the back of the head though, as you will get messed up like Osawa did. Rating:*

Eagle Sawai vs. Michiko Nagashima
Sawai won with a powerbomb, after botching the one before it. Not good. Too many botches here and we all know who was going to win this.

Noriyo Tateno & Harley Saito vs. Miki Handa & Utako Hozumi
Tateno and Harley won over Handa with stereo top rope headbutts. This match went 36 minutes long. I like a couple of these girls as much as anyone, but there is no one in LLPW that I would put in a 36 minute match. This was like a mini-series or something. It just never ended and there was no logical story or anything to keep me going. Just moves and Saito/Tateno controlling everything. I would have much rather switched out Handa or Hozumi for Eagle just to make this thing a little bit more fair.

Shinobu Kandori vs. Rumi Kazama
The finish
Kandori won here with a powerbomb. They started off really hot with stiff kicks but then kept it slow for the rest of the match. Kazama mostly had Kandori in the sleeper and had her down for most of the match with various kicks to the head. Kandori made a comeback towards the end with lariats and knees and hit the powerbomb for the win. This match switched from shootstyle to basic wrestling and I kind of prefered them shooting. Few people hit harder shots than these two so I was glad to see some nice shots here.  This was good and well-worked, but it really could have been a five star match if they just stuck to stiff shots and ended it in about 10 minutes. Instead my rating is :***1/4

Overall thoughts: Skip this. Only the main event was worthwhile.

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