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LLPW The Kageki Renaissance! Grand Opening 2nd Commercial Tape 9/24/92 Review

LLPW 9/24/1992 Review
We open with this. What the heck is this?

Yukari Osawa and Michiko Nagashima vs Rumi Yasuda and Mizuki Endo
The finish
Osawa beat Yasuda with what looks like an overhead exploder with a bridge. This was your basic opening match. Not too many moves and it really didn't do much at all expect pick up for the finish. The only cool part was when Yasuda yelled, "Oh no you don't" when Osawa was reaching for the ropes. You don't usually hear English so that was cool. Rating:*

Eagle Sawai vs Miki Handa
Eagle looks really thin here, and she also looks like Rumi Kazama.
Eagle then repeated the hair whip above and kind of threw her on a table outside.

Eagle gets put in the Figure four
Sawai won with a powerbomb. The story of the match was both of them working over each others legs. They also traded cheap elbow grinds into each others legs. This was actually pretty even with Miki looking to be the stronger one of the two, but this is LLPW and if you are going against Sawai or Kandori, it ain't happening. I liked Miki's legwork including an elbow from the top onto Eagle's leg. However, I hated the finish as Sawai's powerbomb was random and had nothing to do with the story of the match. Miki should have won this one as she looked strong. Rating:*

Harley Saito vs Leo Kitamura
No intro's here as Harley lit up Leo quick.
Harley works over Leo
The finish
This one was pretty good. Harley got really stiff with Leo and they hit some nice moves as pictured above.  Nice work here with Harley getting the win with the german above. Rating:*1/2

Utako Hozumi vs Rumi Kazama
One of these two has done adult films. Can you guess which? If you guessed Utako, you are wrong. Rumi is mediocre at both wrestling and adult films, but was the president of LLPW at this time. Utako ended up marrying former wrestler and sumo Ishinriki and retired about a year and a half after this. She now runs a bar in Tokyo which I really should see at some point.
The finish
Rumi won with a right kick to the head. I really wanted to like this one but it was a little all over the place and the camera work ruined it. The camera's were really distracting. This was mainly all Utako running the show with highflying(which was mostly missed by the camera's) and some nice suplexes. Then Rumi came in at the end to get some kicks for the win. Wrong person won here. Rating:*

Shinobu Kandori and Midori Saito vs Noriyo Tateno and Mikiko Futagami
Kandori won the Bronze medal in Judo in the '84 World Championships and became a member of the Japanese Diet(government). Tateno was a member of the Jumping Bomb Angel's. Futagami is known as GAMI and runs WAVE.
The opening
Cool rolling Strangle Hold Alpha from Futagami
Kandori won with the cross armbreaker as pictured above. This was odd. It was clipped and only 10:38 long without the clips. Tateno tapped quickly in the armbreaker and then got upset with everyone at ringside about it. I have no idea what the deal was. She looked like she was challenging for a second fall or for a match against Kandori but the tape cut off before anything else happened. I liked the intensity of Kandori vs Tateno and that's about all this was. This was way too short to rate.

Overall thoughts: This tape was too clipped and it was filled with "What if's?". The camera crew had no idea what they were doing and they ruined alot of the stuff. I liked the Leo/Harley match and I know I would have liked the main if they would have shown more or if they had a different finish. However, one good match isn't enough so skip this.

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