Sunday, September 30, 2012

BJW 3/1/2007 - Construction Site Death Match - Takashi Sasaki vs Yuko Miyamoto

BJW 3/1/2007 - Construction Site Death Match - BJW Title - Takashi Sasaki (c) vs Yuko Miyamoto
Sasaki after the first light-tube shot
Takashi Sasaki
Yuko Miyamoto hits Takashi Sasaki with a safety sign. Safety first!
Yuko Miyamoto and Takashi Sasaki fight atop the scaffold
The finish
Takashi Sasaki beat Yuko Miyamoto with a sit out driver. This was the spectacle of spectacles. Just take a look at those GIF's and it will tell you the story there. These two killed each other in every way possible and set new levels for violence and big bumps. However, they also worked a great match around all of the said bumps to make this a memorable match. Neither man wanted to go down and the crowd was going crazy(as they should be) cheering for Yuko Miyamoto. This is one of those matches that if you see you will never forget, and the only criticism I could have for this is that Yuko too a little too much offense. This is an all-time classic and probably my favorite BJW match ever. Rating:****3/4

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