Sunday, September 23, 2012

Battle Station Jd' 2/16/00 Tag Explosion taped 1/10 Tokyo Korakuen Hall

Battle Station Jd' 2/16/00 Tag Explosion taped 1/10 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
We got some clips from Cooga's retirement ceremony:
Megumi Kudo stopped by
As did Aja Kong
Megumi Yabushita & Sumie Sakai vs. Nanae Takahashi & Miho Wakizawa
Nanae hurt her shoulder after akward suplex. In a real bright moment, Sumie decided to try putting a Fujiwara armbar on her...
A replay of the injury
They decided to end the match there. Well that was a crappy way to end the match. I liked what they did prior as Sumie was pretty good as was Yabushita.

Fang Suzuki vs Obacchi
Obacchi was pretending to be Takako Inoue here.
They showed a minute of this before having Fang win with a Brock Lock.

Morimatsu & KAZUKI vs. Sachie Abe & Hiroyo Muto
KAZUKI beat Muto with whatever that move is. They only aired two minutes of this unfortunately so I can't give you alot of insight. It appeared to be an okay match.

Ranmaru vs Yuko Kosugi
Yuko Kosugi
A kick to nowhere
Botched finish
Kosugi won this with a botched moonsault footstomp that was just a moonsault. They botched a couple of things but it was still good. I'd really like to see them get a long match together as I know they could do some good stuff. Lots of flying in this and that's mainly it. Rating:**

Kosugi talked with the announcer after this:

AWF World Women's title: Yoshiko Tamura (c) vs The Bloody
Bloody won the title with a top rope german. This was a great match. Tons of suplexes here and lots of hate. I really enjoyed this one and they both took alot of hard bumps with the top rope german being really vicious. I can't imagine going over the match before this and agreeing to let someone drop me on my head from the top rope. Then again, I'm not a wrestler. Definitely worth a look. Rating:***3/4

Dynamite Kansai vs Lioness Asuka

Lioness won with the LSD. Good match but certainly not the best they could have done. It just never reached that level because Dynamite wasn't at her best. This was your usual Lioness match. Lots of chair shots, table moves and brawling. Dynamite was mostly along for the ride minus hitting the claw early. Rating:***1/2

Overall thoughts: Three good matches here with everything else being clipped to death. It's not Jd's best but it was a decent show. It needed to be longer though and I could have done without Cooga's retirement ceremony. This is recommended.

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