Wednesday, September 26, 2012

AJW Big Egg Wrestling Universe Part 4

AJW Big Egg Wrestling Universe Part 4

The Great Sasuke & SATO & Shiryu vs. Super Delfin & Jinsei Shinzaki & Gran Naniwa

Sasuke beat Naniwa with a powerbomb. This was a great match and was perfectly placed at this point in the show. This was your standard M-Pro tag with the usual spots like someone armbarring everyone, everyone doing the jump kick after the kip-up and lots of Naniwa greatness. So much fun stuff here. You can never go wrong with M-Pro. Rating:****1/4

V*TOP Woman Tournament Round 2: Combat Toyota (FMW) vs Akira Hokuto (AJW)
Hokuto won with a Northern Lights Bomb. This one was odd. Combat controlled most of the match then threw Hokuto to the outside and threw a table at her head. She then missed a move to put Hokuto through a table and Hokuto got the win. Not sure what the idea was here, other than to protect Combat. This was still a good match but not what it should have been. Rating:**3/4

V*TOP Woman Tournament Round 2: Dynamite Kansai (JWP) vs Aja Kong (AJW)
Aja won this one with three uraken's. Good match. It statrted off a little slow but it built up with Aja taking a Splash Mountain. Aja then did the footstomp as shown above, took a few more kicks and then took it home. This was stiff and both girls took a nice beating. Rating:***1/2

WWF Women's title: Alundra Blayze (c) (WWF) vs Bull Nakano (AJW)
Bull won with a top rope legdrop. This was a below average match for Bull but probably a career match for Blayze. They worked this american style with lots of USA moves and not a ton of stiffness. This was one of the more weaker matches on the card. Rating:**1/2
"If I don't see you at the Survivor Series, I'll see you at Wrestlemania and that belt will be mine again." - Alundra Blayze
V*Top Woman Final: Aja Kong vs Akira Hokuto
Not alot to take pics of in this one. This was mostly all matwork with Aja selling a hurt knee for the majority of the match. Hokuto then kind of gave that up and hit three NLB's for the win. It was a smart match and decent but not really as good as it should have been for a final. Aja did sell well and so did Hokuto though, but the crowd was down to about 20,000 and was toast. After the match, Kong gave Hokuto her WWWA belt. Rating:***1/4

Overall thoughts: What can you say about this. So many good matches and performances here. This is one of the big four of the all-time great joshi shows (with the two dreamslams and dreamrush). It was long, but if you have the time, this was pretty much the peak of women's wrestling in Japan.

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