Tuesday, September 25, 2012

AJW Big Egg Wrestling Universe Part 3

AJW Big Egg Wrestling Universe Part 3

Blizzard Yuki Debut - Blizzard Yuki vs Mariko Yoshida
Yuki gets a cool ninja entrance
The finish
Yuki won with the twisting senton. This was a so-so debut for Yuki. They put this match in the popcorn match position and the crowd was mostly dead for it. Yuki and Yoshida both did basic flying and nothing too wild. Yoshida had Yuki for a top rope DDT but Yuki (smartly) chickened out and Yoshida took most of the fall. Rating:*3/4

V*TOP WOMAN Tournament Round 1: Yumiko Hotta (AJW) vs. Combat Toyoda (FMW)
Toyoda won with a high german suplex. This was as close to a screwjob finish that AJW could give without doing one. If you've noticed, there's alot of interpromotional matches on this card. Wrestling being wrestling, certain promoters don't want to look weak so they had Hotta fight with the ref and had Toyoda get a surprise suplex for the win. Good match here. Hotta was stiff and Combat played her role well too. She looked on par with the AJW girls and gave a nice performance overall. Rating:***1/2

V*TOP Woman Tournament Round 1: Akira Hokuto (AJW) vs Eagle Sawai (LLPW)
Hokuto nukes Sawai with the Northern Lights Bomb
Hokuto won this with a second NLB. Good match. Sawai almost took out Hokuto early in Hokuto's sendoff tournament with the powerbomb shown above. Sawai was agile and Hokuto was her usual great self. Really fun match. Rating:***3/4

V*TOP Woman Tournament Round 1: Aja Kong (WWWA Champion) vs Manami Toyota
"God made the devil, just for fun. When he wanted the real thing, he made Aja Kong." - Kong's theme
Japanese Ocean Suplex

Aja won this with an orange crush style brainbuster. Awesome match. These two took every chance in the book and took some terrible bumps. Toyota was amazing in her selling and her comebacks and Aja was great as the unstoppable monster. This is pro wrestling at it's finest and no one can do like these two. Rating:*****

V*TOP Woman Tournament Round 1: Kyoko Inoue (AJW) vs Dynamite Kansai (JWP)

Dynamite Kansai
Niagra Driver
Dynamite Kansai won this with a top rope Splash Mountain. Good match. Obviously not as good as the previous one, but this was different. Kyoko is a little more light hearted and Dynamite isn't quite the jerk like Aja. Just a good and strong pro wrestling match with a couple of stiff head kicks by Kansai and Kansai getting drilled with that sick Niagra Driver. Rating:****1/4

Miss Wrestling Universe Tag Summit: Takako Inoue (AJW), Cuty Suzuki (JWP) vs Megumi Kudo (FMW), Hikari Fukuoka (JWP)
This match basically has the four prettiest girls available at the time and put them all into one. Takako and Cuty ar pretty much neck and neck as the most popular wrestling idol's as combined they released about 40 different modeling books.

Tiger Driver 91
Kudo beat Takako with a Tiger Driver 91, a regular Tiger Driver then a Liger bomb. Long night for Takako. This one was just okay. Kudo and Takako would both become good and Fukuoka would become awesome but they weren't all finished products at this point. This was mostly for the guys if anything. Rating:***

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