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WWF RAW 1/10/2000

The whole roster was around the ring with the Rock inside. He called out Steph and HHH. They tried to get DX to come with them, but the rest of DX told them you are on your own. The Rock and company had some demands:
1) Reinstate Mick Foley
2) No more Pink Slip on a Pole matches
3) No one gets fired without just due

Foley returned and challenged HHH to a title match at the Rumble, with future stipulations.  The Rock then announced that he will be in the Rumble. Foley then "suggested" Billy Gunn vs Road Dogg and X-Pac vs HHH for the title. Finally, they signed all four members of DX vs The Acolytes/Rock/Mankind. The whole thing took about 20 minutes total, but it went fast.

DX fought backstage with Roadie and Gunn being mad about their match together.

WWF Tag Team Champion the Road Dogg pinned WWF Tag Team Champion Billy Gunn at 4:25 by reversing the Fameasser into a pumphandle slam
Road Dogg was super over to say the least. He'd be main eventing with reactions like that now. JR said, "they are as close as 19 is to 20".  JR also said that there is a sign-up sheet for matches they want tonight. Gunn hit Roadie from behind and used cheap tactics the whole time. Roadie got the win out of nowhere here in an interesting match.  Rating: *1/2

Foley tied up the fake Mankind backstage and told him to tell a joke now.

The Hardyz signed up for their match on a sign-up sheet.

Matt & Jeff Hardy defeated Kurt Angle & Steve Blackman at 2:48 when Matt pinned Blackman
Kurt Angle ran down the Rams since they were in St. Louis. There was a sign in the audience that said, "Ms. Kitty: The Other White Meat". I don't even want to know.  Teddy Long was the ref here and he was seriously slow. Blackman caught Hardy off a La Silla and almost dropped him, but recovered and swung him into the steps headfirst. Jeff did a sick twisting drop kick to Kurt on the apron. Jeff hit a cool missle drop kick into a Matt DDT for the win. Good match. Rating: *3/4

Foley was telling bad jokes to the tied up Fake Mankind backstage.

Jericho apologized to Chyna for last week's behavior and asked Chyna to sign them up against the Holly's.

WWF European Champion Val Venis pinned Edge at 3:34 with the fisherman's suplex; after the match, the two along with Christian hugged because of Edge's engagement to Val's sister
Val had a black towel with a purple stripe which I don't recall seeing before. Edge was getting engaged to Val's sister here. Val had a cool Blue Thunder Driver. Val also did a cool selling of a DDT. They had a really good match which surely would have been better with 10 minutes added to it. Edge told Val he wouldn't be the best man, because Christian will be. Rating: *3/4

Hardcore & Crash Holly defeated Chris Jericho & Chyna when Hardcore pinned Chyna at 2:47 after Jericho failed to notice Chyna reaching for the tag
Crash did a move off the top and got a boot right to the nuts in a funny spot. Hardcore got the pin here with an easy suplex. This was alright but too short. Jericho smiled going up the ramp.

Foley spilled hot coffee all over the fake Mankind backstage.

WWF World Champion Triple H (w/ Stephanie McMahon) pinned X-Pac at 3:11 after Stephanie caused X-Pac to crotch himself on the top rope
Pac got the early advantage and looked like he was going to win it. Pac hit a low blow right in front of the ref and the red didn't care. Pac even hit the Bronco Buster.

DX was backstage with X-Pac and the Outlaws were saying that "Hunter lost it".

Rikishi & Too Cool defeated Al Snow & the Headbangers when Rikishi pinned Mosh at 2:28 with the Rikishi Driver
King asked JR to dance and JR said, "Would you like me to bust a move?" King then said, "Or spontaneously combust". Mosh and Thrasher were out there in dresses and women's underwear. It's sad when Al Snow seems to be the most normal member of a group. Mosh slapped Rikishi on the butt. At the one minute mark, JR said that "Sexay has gone the full mark here". Yeah, for one whole minute. Thrasher got a bonzai drop and Mosh got the driver for the 2 Cool win. Al Snow beat up the Headbangers after this.

Foley asked Fake Mankind if he learned his lesson yet and then threatened to make him watch an hour of Al Snow matches. Foley told him to sit back, relax and don't leave the room.

D-Lo Brown & the Godfather defeated the Dudley Boyz via count-out at 3:20 when the Dudleyz tried to steal the hoes from ringside
D-Lo wore Godfather attire and The Godfather looked like he was wearing a rug on his head. D-Lo and The Godfather were having the time of their lives here and got interrupted during their mic speel. Bubba did a forward roll here of all things. JR called them half-brothers and King said, "someone peed in their genepool". When the Dudleyz tried to steal the hoes, King called it a "hoe-knapping". No real thoughts on this but would have liked a finish.

Foley found Tori and told her about all the things he'd want to do to her chest. He told her that he'd be in his dressing room. Tori said he touched her which was a lie and then Kane beat up on the fake Mankind. Kane chased him to the outside.

The Big Show & Test defeated the Big Bossman & Prince Albert when Test pinned Albert at the 55 second mark
This was quick and terrible. Bossman barely hit his spot which was hitting Albert with the nightstick.

WWF World Champion Triple H, X-Pac, & WWF Tag Team Champions the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn defeated the Rock, Mankind, & the Acolytes when Triple H pinned Mankind after hitting him with the ring bell, a Pedigree through the commentary table, and a second Pedigree in the ring
X-Pac was really good in this. He was hyped up and was throwing great kicks everywhere. Farooq did the crotch chop and that was more than akward.  DX refused to tag in HHH and ended up leaving HHH alone. Payback sucks. Foley's partners chased them. Steph interferred and Foley tried to put Socko on her. HHH hit a huge pedigree onto Foley on the table and hit a second in the ring for the win. Hey come on, Foley can't go over on HHH. Don't be silly. Foley and HHH used the commentary table top as a weapon and brawled on the floor. Foley even bladed big.

Overall thoughts: This was a pretty good show. Everything was really tight and alot happened. The wrong man won in the main event though. Foley really could have used a win after being embarassed for the last weeks. Check it out.

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