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WWF Championship Wrestling 5/14/1977

WWF Championship Wrestling 5/14/1977

We got highlights from Billy Graham vs Bruno Sammartino. They worked a test of strength for about 4 minutes straight and then as soon as Sammartino got the advantage, they cut away. Waste of time.

George "The Animal" Steele vs Frank Williams
Steele stared at Albano for about 2 minutes to get this off to a hot start. Steele mostly just bit Frank in this then won with a lifted hammerlock. Do I even need to tell you how bad this was? This may be the most boring match that I have ever seen. Steele then continued to bite him after this. Rating: Super DUD

Jose Estrada and ? vs Ivan Putski
I didn't think it could get much worse than Steele, but Putski is totally up there. I don't believe I've ever seen him in anything even remotely watchable. Putski won this stinker with a double pin after giving the Polish Hammer to one then body slamming the other on top of him at 6:36. Rating: DUD

Penny Adams vs Shan Sheraton
This was also not good. It would be the equivalent of watching your aunt's going at it after a few too many beers. Really pedestrian work here. Rating: DUD

Ted Adams vs "Superstar" Billy Graham
You don't get more 70s than Superstar and the Wiz, which isn't a bad thing. Apparently, Graham had won the belt in the match that they showed some clips from earlier. The Wiz wore a green coat and hat with a huge white feather. Wiz rubbed Graham down with oil before this one started. Could have gone without seeing that. That took atleast 3 minutes too at minimum.
Graham won this slow turd really easy with a bearhug. Rating: DUD

Baron Michele Sicluna vs Peter Maivia
You know it's rough times when you are hoping on Maivia and Sicluna to save the show. It didn't. Peter won with a crossbody. Rating:1/4*

SD Jones vs Ken Patera
Patera had really long hair at this point. That's about all as this one sucked too with nothing of value happening. Patera won with a crossbody.

Overall thoughts: Total Dud. Skip it and never look back.

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