Thursday, August 23, 2012

WWE Superstars 8/23/2012

WWE Superstars 8/23/2012

"You all suffer from a terrible affliction and that affliction is ignorance."
"It is my duty and my calling to cure you of this epidemic. You're Welcome."
Yoshitatsu then came out:

Yoshitatsu vs Damien Sandow
Sandow buries him under the ring skirt

Sandow sells a spinning wheel kick
Tatsu badly misses a spinning wheel kick from the top
Sandow won here with the cross-arm neckbreaker. This was an okay match but I think it could have been much more. Was too short and Yoshi didn't get enough in, which sucks since I have yet to review any of his matches on here. Rating:*

Drew McIntyre vs Alex Riley:
Drew is still injured
Botchamania on the dropkick

The finish of this came out of nowhere, possibly due to A-Ry getting hurt on thta dropkick. Drew was on the second rope in a vader bomb position and A-Ry rolled him up in a roll-up bomb and won. Rating: DUD

Justin Gabriel (no entrance shown) vs Cody Rhodes:
Apparently, Rhodes talked up some girl that Gabriel had on a show and that's what caused this.
Cool submission

Cody Rhodes won this one with a CrossRoads out of nowhere. The gist of this match featured Cody Rhodes working over Gabriel's arm. Gabriel sold it well and Cody did alot of good work on it. Too bad the finish had nothing to do with it though. Rating:**1/2

Overall thoughts: Skip it. The first two matches were way too short but the main was good.

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