Thursday, August 2, 2012

WWE Superstars 8/2/2012

Heath Slater vs Tyson Kidd
Slater's nickname changes by the week. I've heard him referred to as the "One Man Rock Band", "The One Man Southern Rock Band" and now the "One Man Band". Not that it matters as its a stupid gimmick anyway since he doesn't do anything related to music. Tyson at one point took a top rope bodyslam which look like it sucked. Tyson was really good in this. He's crisp and a great worker. The crowd was into him too. I think eventually WWE will get behind him. Rating: *3/4

Natalya vs Layla
Natalya has some really odd tights with holes in odd places. Layla pulled out a CIMA rollup here which was cool. Natalya tried to sit on her chest like an indian chief to pin her. Half the moves in this match involved them hitting each other in the butt. It's a growing trend in WWE diva matches. Layla won this odd match after a right high kick out of nowhere. Rating:*

Cody Rhodes vs Justin Gabriel
The big spot in this was Gabriel taking an akward powerbomb on his head to the outside. It looked pretty nasty, but hey this is SUPERSTARS and nothing is too good. Gabriel hit some great kicks in this. Rhodes hit the Crossroads to win a really good match. Rating:**1/2

Overall thoughts: This show was fine. The Diva match was weird but the other two matches were worth it. If you need to kill time, there are worse ways to do it.

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