Thursday, August 16, 2012

WWE Superstars 8/16/2012

WWE Superstars 8/16/2012

Jimmy and Jey Uso

Johnny Curtis and Michael McGuillicutty vs Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso
"The Uso's goin' to work on Johnny Curtis." - Scott Stanford
"I was asking Johnny Curtis today, why pick Michael McGullicutty as your partner? He loves the pedigree, the aggressive style."
"They've been training together these two, so it looks like they work well together."
- Scott Stanford
"Jimmy Uso made the mistake of turning his attention to Michael on the outside." - Josh Matthews
"How do you like that, people?" - Michael McGuillicutty
"Take a look, Ladies and Gentlemen." - Michael McGullicutty
Uso's Psycho Crusher like chop
The Samoan Splash for the win

This was a great match. The Uso's are awesome and Michael McGuillicutty is totally improving. If they are really going to start pushing the tag division, the Uso's are going to own it. Rating:***

"This is one of the coldest, calculating superstars you'll ever see in the WWE." - Josh Matthews

Drew McInytre(with a cast) vs Alex Riley:

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
Hope he's not seeing Bob Orton's doctor.

The pin
Alex Riley won this one with a spinning neckbreaker. This was good. Nice work by both men and I'm interested to see if the cast becomes part of Drew's gimmick. Rating: *3/4

Justin Gabriel vs Damien Sandow
"Get your filthy hands off of me." - Damien Sandow
Gabriel landed on his head on this one, because Sandow didn't catch him
"Constantly using math and physics to decimate his opponents." - Matt Striker, WTF?
New move
The Elbow of Disdain
The counter
Sling Blade
The finish

Sandow won here with his crossarm neckbreaker. Good match. I liked the work of both men but man was Matt Strike ever annoying. I really wanted to put this on mute with him on the mic. Rating: *1/2

Overall: Good show. Not a bad way to spend an hour. Check it out!

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