Friday, August 3, 2012

WWE Smackdown 8/3/2012 - International Edition

This is the international edition so it is edited and therefore may be missing somethings from the US airing.

Vince came to the ring and announced that Booker T is the new GM. Cole was happy he was gone from the booth and brought up how unfair he was when he was "King". Alberto interrupted Booker before he got a whole sentence out. They talked about Sheamus. Alberto said Sheamus was "brought up in a red-headed hooligan". Not by a red-headed hooligan or as a red-headed hooligan, in a red-headed hooligan. Sheamus then came down and invited Booker to go drinking with him after the show. Booker announced ADR vs Orton and told ADR to "get yo heels to clickin, sucka". Booker then announced:

Tensai vs Sheamus
Tensai pushed Sakamoto on his way to the ring. Tensai said in japanese that Sheamus won't be able to do the Brogue Kick on him. What they showed looked really good here. Lots of clubberin' going on and the crowd seemed pretty into it. Sheamus got an impressive looking body slam on Tensai. Sheamus won with the Brogue Kick.

Santino vs Antonio Cesaro
Cole said that Cesaro can speak 5 languages but Santino can barely speak one. Isn't Santino supposed to be from Italy, so therefore he should be able to speak Italian? Cesaro won with the Gotch-style Neutralizer in a really quick match.

Vickie came out and said something that I couldn't understand and then introduced the "Show Off" Dolph Ziggler.

Kane/Jericho/Christian vs Daniel Bryan/Ziggler/Miz
DB was super over here. Everyone in the crowd was chanting, "YES". Cole said that DB's "YES Lock" is now the "NO Lock". Cole really pushed Miz here, so if you don't like the Miz, it's going to be tough times ahead. The highlights of this were Dolph's cool bump off of a Kane punch and Jericho being on fire after getting the hot tag. DB got the rollup here for the win in a decent match.

Abraham Washington introduced his company, "All World Promotions" and then announced the Prime Time Players. Lots of goofy acting by the PTP.

Darren Young vs R-Truth
Kofi did a dive onto Titus on the outside and AW threw his jacket at Kofi then ran. This wasn't much and was filled with interference. Young hit an elevated Gutbuster for the win.

Booker T and Cody Rhodes had a confrontation backstage. Booker called Cody a "sucka" and then Cody said that he didn't like being called a "sucker". Booker then corrected him and said he was a "sucka", not a sucker.

Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton
ADR got some new black tights with a giant "A" across the crotch. They had a so-so match until Ricardo came in. I don't even think he did any harm to Orton but they nonetheless DQ'd ADR immediately.

Overall thoughts: This was okay and was certainly better since the run time of International Editions is only one hour. I'd reccomend checking out Sheamus/Tensai then skipping the rest. If you can, please click one of the amazon ads. They are completely safe and take you to the amazon page for the item.

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