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WWE Smackdown 8/24/2012

WWE Smackdown 8/24/2012

"I've never been a glass half-full kind of guy. I'd like to take that glass and smash it up on the person who created that expression."
"ADR says that I should just mind my own buisness. He says that my win over him on Raw was tainted. And I say, too bad."
"I deserve to face Sheamus for the WHC."
"Not only do I think that you should be in front of the line to face me, hell I want you to face me for the WHC."

Booker then came down:
"Randy Orton vs Sheamus...that would be Monster."
ADR then came down:
"Whoa whoa whoa, what's going on here? Are you crazy?" - ADR
"Sheamus is a criminal and a cheater and Randy Orton is nothing but a creepy animal. That's the kind of people you want for the World Heavyweight Title?"
"You know, they know, that Sheamus CHEATTTTED. And the referee, he robbed me at Summerslam."
"I never lost a match." - ADR
"This is a conspiracy. Everybody's against me. And you Booker T, you are just like Sheamus. You are a criminal and a cheater."
"Randy, you are always going to be there. But the person who is in line next for a title shot, is Alberto Del Rio." - Booker T
"That was until you came out here, runnin' yo mouth. Bumpin' yo gums. So guess what? I changed my mind. Tonight is going to be a rematch from Raw. It's going to be ADR vs Randy Orton." - Booker T
"The winner of the match, is officially the #1 contender for the championship." - Booker T
Cole announced that Josh Matthews won't be with him tonight due to the attack from Kane. Teddy Long announced a guest commentator for every match tonight.

"Tonight, Jinder Mahal, you finally realize your place in the food chain. FEED ME MORE." - Ryback
Jinder Mahal vs Ryback:

Cole tried to stir up stuff on commentary by asking Teddy if he's sure he's not mad about Booker taking his job and if he heard about how Booker is impressed with Eve as Assistant GM.

The finish

Jinder got a little too much offense in, but the crowd was into the "Feed Me More" chant. Ryback won here with his finisher and a really cool powerslam where he turned Jinder in mid-air. Rating:*

Sin Cara vs Heath Slater - Cody Rhodes on commentary:
"It's not about removing the mask. If I was to literally remove the mask right now, you would see just how ugly this guy is." - Cody
"He's as ugly as sin. He's a dog." - Cody
Cody goes for the mask
Cody turns the mask around

Slater won here after a scorpion deathdrop with Cara's mask turned around. Not too much to this one here. Cara's offense looked good though. Rating:*

Cody tried to take the mask off until he got stopped by officials

Dolph got DQ'd after using the briefcase. This one was okay but not what it could have been. Vickie was on commentary and was extremely disturbing the whole time. This ruined the match. Rating: *

Or not
The Colon's vs R-Truth and Kofi Kingston:

The PTP's were on commentary
"Alot of people are saying that Kofi and Truth have your number." - Cole
"Our phone number? Cuz I know you ain't talking about our number as far as being the next teag team champions." - Titus
"Can I try the bark? I do it like this."

R-Truth won with his Little Jimmy finisher here in this quick match. It was good but the focus was on the PTP's and not much else.

"Millions of Dollars."
#1 Contender's match: Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton with Sheamus on commentary:
Orton taps
This was pretty quick and straight forward, and I liked it. Decent match. I was really suprised to see Randy tap here. Rating:*3/4

Alberto pushed down Ricardo and then grabbed his shoe and threw it at Sheamus. Sheamus and Alberto brawled until Alberto got the shoe again and hit him with it:
Ziggler then came down and teased cashing in his briefcase but Randy got him with an RKO:
"Randy Orton, shoot first ask questions later, hitting Ziggler with an RKO for the second time." - Michael Cole

Overall thoughts: Last week's show was much better. A couple of decent matches here but they focused too much on the guest commentator which made me lose track of the matches. I do like the main event scene though with Ziggler constantly trying to cash in and ADR being awesome. Could do without Orton, but he's by far the lesser of two evils compared to Cena. I'd say skip it.

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