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WWE Smackdown 8/10/2012 Review

WWE Smackdown 8/10/2012 Review

Booker came out to the ring in a tuxedo and did a spinarooni. He made Sheamus come out for trashing and taking Alberto Del Rio's car. Sheamus said sorry and Booker said let's put it behind us. You know, I don't think the law would operate in the same way. It's called Grand Theft Auto. ADR said he filed a report with the police department on it and Booker said that Sheamus couldn't defend the title if there's a court order against him. ADR said he didn't care and that Sheamus' actions reflect on Booker since he's friendly with Sheamus, good point. Sheamus offered ADR a title match to make up for it before Summerslam. ADR accepted but I'd have stuck with the lawsuit myself since he's getting a shot anyway.

Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes
Sin Cara's lights were totally annoying here. It looked like a cheap play wit hall the lights. Sin Cara won with a roll-up in a pretty forgettable match.

Daniel Bryan was backstage yelling "no" at people.

They did a really nice promo package on Wade Barrett showing him getting into bare knuckle fights that was filmed like a movie.

Daniel Bryan talked about his upcoming match at Summerslam and did the Yes/No thing with the crowd. DB is the most over guy by miles in the WWE. AJ played devil's advocate with DB and tried to get DB to shake Kane's hand. DB tried to shake his hand and Kane ended up kicking DB out of the ring.

Booker was in the back with Teddy Long and he told Hawkins and Reks to step it up and earn their spot on SD.

Jinder Mahal vs Two jobbers
Jinder did an inset and said he wanted to fight two people to show Ryback that he was good too. He said Ryback's eyes were bigger than his stomach with his feed me more requests. This lasted 10 seconds and only one guy got in before he won with the camel clutch. He then put the clutch on both guys and Ryback came out. Jinder ran from Ryback. Ryback then did his falling torture rack on both guys. The crowd ended up chanting, "Feed Me More". Maybe Ryback will get over...

Vickie and Dolph on the Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho
Jericho said he wanted to interview Dolph, not his mother. I liked that line. Then they had an "excuse me" scream fest. Jericho pointed out that Ziggler has only won one match in 2012. Ouch, that's sad.  Dolph ended up hitting Y2J with the breifcase and laying him out.

AW came out with the Primetime Players in his last WWE appearance.
Primetime Players vs Primo and Epico with Kofi/Truth on the headsets
Primo hit a really cool DDT here but that's about it. AW threw a water at Truth and the ref threw the match out. Kofi and Truth stomped on AW. The PTP won here by DQ.

Christian vs. Cesaro
Cesaro said Victory in 5 different languages then spoke in German. This was really cool to see Cesaro getting a chance with some top talent. He held his end pretty well and still looks big in the big man's land known as WWE. Cesaro's fallaway slam into a bridge was a thing of beauty. Cesaro's gorilla press launch into the uppercut was a thing of beauty. Christian got the win with the speak here but I totally think Cesaro should have went over. I'll gladly take a best of 500 Cesaro vs Christian series. Cesaro beat on Christian after the bell and rammed Christian into the guard rail. Good stuff! Rating:**1/2

Booker T signed Kaitlyn vs Eve with the winner becoming Booker's assistant. I wish real life jobs were so easy to get. They basically just both said they wanted it and he was ready to give it to Kaitlyn no questions asked.

Miz vs. Rey Mysterio in a non-title match
Rey finally got a matching shirt to go with his tights, but I'm still not feeling it. Bring back the bodysuits Rey! I've never really paid much attention to Rey's height but it's rough times when he is getting dwarfed by the Miz. Mysterio won this one but I wasn't very much into it.

Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio for the title
Ricardo did an awesome intro for ADR. Someone needs to make a youtube video of Ricardo announcing for 5 minutes straight. The police came to arrest Sheamus as the match began. Oops. ADR revealed that they weren't cops and he had them try to attack Sheamus. They were unsuccessful and everyone jumped on Sheamus ending this quickly. Hope you didn't expect a match here! Sheamus got the beat down. ADR put on the armbar and thats that.

Overall thoughts: Not a particularly interesting edition of SD but I loved the Christian/Cesaro match. Check it out only for that.

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