Thursday, August 9, 2012

WWE NXT 8/8/12

Michael McGuillicutty vs Justin Gabriel - Gold Rush Quaterfinal Match
Gabriel did some really nice matwork in this match and lookewd really good overall. The crowd chanted, "Not So Perfect" at McGuilli. Basically, anything Gabriel did in this was really good. He carried this to a good match but McGuill won with the McGuillicutter. The best way I can describe Michael is like a poor-man's David Young. This was totally heatless by the way.
Rating: **1/2

Kassius Ohno vs CJ Parker
Ohno wrestles more like MVP than anyone else now. There wasn't too much to this. Ohno is still figuring out how to work the WWE style and really isn't much more than some stiff shots right. I'm kind of worried for him as I think he's on the shortpath to getting cut. Parker tried, but he got a long way to go. Rating:*

They did a quick interview with Mike Dalton and his partner from last week. They looked like total dorks and the whitest of white meat baby faces you have ever seen.

Kaitlin/Caylee Turner vs Paige/Tamina Snuka
Paige was the star in this. The crowd loves her and she has a decent moveset for a diva. She ended up rolling up Turner for the win.

Jinder Mahal vs Bo Dallas - Gold Rush Quaterfinal Match
The NXT title looks interesting. It's a big NXT silver logo on a belt. Regal said that Mahal will dedicate the title if he wins to Dara Singh. They then gave a little history lesson on Dara Singh which was cool. Regal said that Dallas split his kidney in half a few months ago. The crowd chanted, "Where's my slushee?" at Mahal. The announcers really tried to put Mahal over, but let's face it, take away his indian heritage and he's got nothing. Mahal put on a really deep camel clutch for the win.

Overall thoughts: Not a good show. The crowd was totally dead and I've seen more than enough of Jinder Mahal and Michael McGuillicutty to last a lifetime. Skip it.

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