Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thoughts on WWE's dream matches

WWE just did a youtube video choosing their top 10 WWE dream matches( I thought I would take a look at these and give my thoughts on each match.

10) Randy Savage vs CM Punk - I don't see this as a dream match at all. I like Punk but when I think of a big time Punk match I'd want to see, it's against Austin only. I'm sure they could make this work but eh.

9) Cactus Jack vs Mankind vs Dude Love - I'd like to see this one. It's physically impossible unfortunately, but no problems with this one. Mankind has always been the least favorite of mine out of three, with Dude Love being the next best and Cactus being the top one of the trio. I'd think Cactus would take it.

8) The Fabulous Moolah vs Trish Stratus - I could have sworn this happened during the Attitude Era, but maybe not. This would have to be short to be decent. I don't think too highly of Trish, but Moolah played her role well. I think Moolah would probably win this.

7) Evolution vs The Four Horsemen - Another impossible match but we all know who would take this one. The Horsemen would light up Evolution like there's no tommorow.

6) Andre The Giant vs The Big Show - Alot of people haven't seen Andre in his prime and therefore have no idea as to how good he actually was. Andre was a heck of a worker back in the day and was always something extraordinary. The Big Show is just a guy who happeneds to be big. He was never used correctly and in today's era where half of the NBA is 7 foot, there's not much too special about him. Andre would surely take this.

5) The Dudleyz vs The Roadwarriors - I'm pretty sure that this happened already, but I'd take the Roadwarriors.

4) Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart - This one actually almost happened. Angle challenged Bret on the internet a few years ago but Bret said he couldn't due to his health. However, Bret ended up coming back. I think they could actually pull this off still somehow, but obviously Bret wouldn't be able to take any bumps. These two are so similar that they would make for an awesome match. I think Angle could take this actually.

3) Sting vs The Undertaker - This should have happened already, but Sting chose to work a drugged up Jeff Hardy over Wrestlemania. Obviously, he made the right call....I still think there is hope for this one, but the chances are getting slimmer by the year. Hopefully Sting drops his gimmick of never working for Vince and accepts the truck full of money to take this match. It would do wonders for Sting and would be a simple pay day. The build up to this could be absolutely insane as both of them could play up their persona's. The vignettes could be alot of fun and it would be cool to see Taker meet his match mind game wise. I could see some vignette's with Sting stalking Taker at the grave yard  and both of them doing different disappearing acts. There's very few dream matches left, but this would be one of mine for sure. Due to it probably happening in WWE, Taker would take it.

2) Shawn Michaels vs The Rock - WWE has a habit of making Michaels seem that he was way more important and better than he actually was. This was never a real dream match to me. It would be more along the likes of Hulk Hogan vs Shawn Michaels where it just happened to be two legends squaring off. I'm sure it would be a good match and I'd be up for seeing it, but I just wouldn't be super interested by it. The Rock would win it here, because we all know he wouldn't job to Michaels.

1) Hulk Hogan vs Steve Austin - Hey, they got this one right. This match has been talked about and discussed by the WWE and they tried to put this together, but Austin doesn't want to work with Hogan. Austin doesn't need the money or the politics. With that being said, I still think there is hope for this one. Austin has one match left in him and maybe he would even do two if he took it easy. I've been looking forward to this one since Wrestlemania 18, when Rock got the match against Hogan while Austin worked Scott Hall. The Rock vs Hulk Hogan was never a dream match of mine and I was really surprised when WWE booked it. Austin vs Hogan was where it was always at and seeing the biggest star of the 80's vs the biggest star of the 1990's would be cool. This match would totally be crap and would have to be kept short, but the crowd would be hot and they could pull it off if they do it right.

There you have it folks. I think WWE got a couple of these right, but they didn't really venture out far enough out of their comfort zone.  I've been wanting to do a dream match post for a while, so I guess this pretty much forces it. Stay tuned!

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