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Southeastern December 1984 Part 2

Southeastern December 1984 Part 2
"Welcome to Southeastern Television Wrestling. Alot of great action comin' your way on television today." - Platt
"I never thought that I'd live to see the day where I'm happy to have Ron Fuller on my side."
"You see Armstrong, when you get beat and that Continental title's not there anymore, Ric Flair doesn't have to wrestle ya." - Flair 
"You lose the Continental title, you lose the shot with Ric Flair for the World's Heavyweight Championship. So Ron Fuller, you better know that Ric Flair is gonna be on the phone real quick now, to hear the news, that Bob Armstong went down."
"Armstrong, I don't like you and Ron Fuller is gonna do professional wrestling a great service. You don't deserve a shot at the World Heavyweight Champion, you don't deserve a shot at the Contintental Heavyweight Champion, you don't deserve nothin'." - Flair
"Go get 'em Ronnie Fuller. Bob Armstrong, later daddy, 1..2..3. Woo!" - Flair
The Executioners vs Johnny Rich/Scott Armstong(Rat Patrol)

Scott won here with diving lariat off the second rope. Pretty easy squash here.
"The reason the axe handle is with me is because I'm not going anywhere without it. Even if I take a shower, Minerva(the axe handle) is coming with me." - Idol
"I felt like I was Shish-Kabob'd" - Idol on last week's beating by the Stud Stable
"When you are hurling and gurgling your own blood, it's a horrifying experience. To see something like that, it leaves chills up my spine. It makes me want to take this axe and bash someone upside their head." - Idol
"I know it's hard for you to come out and talk about what happened, but it's a proven fact that we are going to have to stick together and watch each others back's because we know someone can get hurt and make never return again." - Mr. Olympia
Southeastern either never had a tripod or wrestled in the crooked house.

Anderson gets the fireball ready
"Now it's a different story when it's 2 on 2" - Olympia
Idol gets the cane
Fuller enters with a cane
"Either you go with Fuller's Flunkies or Austin's Army." - Idol
The Fuller's could book, but they couldn't spell.
"Friday Night, I'm gonna bash your brains in." - Idol
"I'm gon' be like the Pied Piper out there. It's gon' be like the Great Match. We gon' be walkin', we gon' be talkin'. Everybody gon' be lined up behind the Tennessee Stud, because we gon' be marchin' into that Armory in Selma and marchin' out of town victorious." - Ron Fuller
"This was a real small work out for Jimmy Golden. Look at that dog between my legs, the dog that he is. You know what's a matter with him? He's been drinkin' beer, eatin' donuts, sittin on the couch watchin' tee-vee. He's fat and he's out of shape and he didn't have a prayer." - Golden on Rob Fuller
"I whipped that boy from end of the ring to the other, mashed his fat little face through the wire like hamburger meat. Rob Fuller's trash, he's washed up and he can stay at home and be retired, because he ain't nothin' but a geek. He's always been a wimp. He ain't a wrestler." - Golden
"He's not a man, he's a rat. He's all washed up and back in the garbage can where he belongs." - Golden

We then went to Rob Fuller after the cage match:
"I want everybody to take a look at me."
"I'm a bum. I ain't the eye of the storm, I'm the calm of the storm. I'm as bad as you'll see Robert Fuller ever get. "
"I ain't retired, I'll be BACK. You talk about ego? YOU GON' SEE IT IN THIS BODY. YOU HEARD IT." - Fuller
Do I even need to tell you how good this promo was? It's on youtube and it's outstanding. Some of the best promo work ever.

Elimination match - Winner of the fall picks next opponent: Arn Anderson, Jimmy Golden and Bill Ash vs Porkchop Cash, Les Freeman and Mr. Olympia:
Golden eats an atomic drop
"Wait a minute, now's the situation, nobody wants to tag, but somebodies got to." - Stewart

Ash got the first elimination by pinning Freeman with a neckbreaker. Ash then pinned Cash with his foot on the ropes during the break. They promised to show it but didn't. Liars.
Olympia returns the favor to Ash
Arn Anderson then eliminated himself by not entering the ring after being chosen!
"Here comes Austin Idol and Minerva." - Stewart
Olympia gets the win with a top rope body press! Really good match. This was super heated and they worked the rules to their full potential. Rating:***

"We got to watch each other's back, especially in an elimination with 14 men." - Bob
"We got alot at stake, $20,000, this big beautiful trophy and personal issues." - Idol
"We got young kids, young punks runnin' around here callin' themselves the Rat Patrol. What you got right here is the Rat Exterminators Inc. Selma's got alot of rats that need taken care of." - Ash
"We look good with or without the belts, stylin' in our jeans and jackets, all the girls walk down." - Pat Rose

Continental Title - Bob Armstrong vs The Assassin(I spell it correctly):
Fuller takes a cheapshot with something in his hands
Who's the winner?
The Assassin pinned Bob but then Bob pushed the Assassin off onto the ref. Then the other ref counted for Bob to pin the Assassin.

The ref ruled both guys counted out and the title held up. Assassin = Loser, Armstrong = Loser, Flair = Winner.

"We did it, we did it. Armstrong, you ain't gonna get no title match cause' my Assassin defeated you in the ring. Now they probably gonna hold the belt up and you're out of the picture. I can't wait to talk to Ric Flair! Ric Flair's gonna love it!." - Ron
"I feel so good today Rick, I could kiss you." - Cash
"Please don't." - Stewart
"I'm a put somethin' on Arn Anderson than Ajax won't even take off 'em." - Cash
They announced Assassin vs Bob next week for the title. Ron Fuller was mad and rightfully so. Assassin did get the first pin.

Overall thoughts: Another strong show. The promos in this were awesome and they really pump you up for the upcoming shows. The Stud's were great jerks, Rob Fuller cut an all-time classic promo and the 6-man was great. Check it out!

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