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Southeastern Championship Wrestling August 1984 Part 2

Southeastern Championship Wrestling August 1984 Part 2

"Putting us on the first match? Whoever heard of such a thing. I told you, we're gonna take things in our hands and you just wait and see." - Mr. Wrestling 1 and 2

Tonga Kid and Johnny Rich vs Tommy Gilbert and Steve Miller
Gilbert goes out after he trips off a headlock. I believe he got legitimately injured here.
Scott Armstrong gets involved, WHY? and he doesn't get DQ'd! WHY?
1 and 2 get involved and drive Tonga Kid's shoulder into the post along with hitting Scott with a flapjack. Then, the ref DQ's Miller/Gilbert.
The Rat Patrol won here by DQ. This was pretty stupid booking. Sorry, but Tonga deserved that one. By the way, both announcers keep saying the "The Tonka Kid", which is annoying.

"We want that card changed. We(Bob/Johnny) want a shot at Wrestling 1 and 2. You're foolin' with the wrong guys. You hurt one of our guys and now you are getting a title shot." - Johnny Rich cutting a dumb promo
"We ain't starin' at the top floor. We wanna know what the big boys eat. I start at the top and ride down the elevator." - Randy Rose
"You lost for words, boy?"
"We got rid of one of the rats and now we'll get rid of more." - Mr Wrestling
"You've heard of Catch-as-Catch-can wrestling, he is Catch-as-Catch-can-Anywhere outside of the ring wrestling." - Platt
Randy Rose vs Les Freeman
"Get up, Boy" - Rose
Freeman got shoot taken down into the corner which totally looked like it sucked.
Rose picks him up at 2

Rose got the win here with a lariat in a decent squash. Rose was pretty rough here.

"I'm fired up and everybodies fired up. One person who's fired up is peahead Jerry Stubbs and now he's a parched peanut." - Arn
"Bob Armstrong, remember me? Bad Blood runs deep, don't forget." - Rose

Paul Brown
The chopper gettin' down
Porkchop Cash vs Paul Brown
Scott Armstrong came down during this. He announced that The Tonga Kid's collarbone is broken and that his brother Steve will come to help the Rat Patrol. They also mentioned the upcoming debut of Lord Humongous.
Cash won this with a butt bump and what looked like a flying rake to the eyes, although they called it a headbutt.
"The loser of the fall would leave town, correct?" - Stewart
"Well, it wasa gentleman's agreement, and I was the only gentleman." - Anderson on his loss with Stubbs against the Rat Patrol in a losing team splits match.
"As you see, once again, who beat me? My own partner." - Arn
"People don't want me to leave." - Arn
"He hit me, I hit him. You wanna dance? Put your 50 cents in the jukebox." - Arn
"If I wanna parch this peanut, it's my own decision." - Arn
HAHAHA. Southeast didn't want to show the effects of the fireball, or they filmed this before it happened and so they decided to replace Stubbs' head with a big red dot.
Arn then said, "Stubbs can do what he wants to. He can join the circus. He already looks like Bozo".

Idol breaks Billy Spears' leg and sends him packing out of the territory
"No question about it, this is an agricultural area. And I wanna make sure everybody knows that if it wasn't for the American farmer, Russia wouldn't even be able to feed its population."
 "Without the American farmer, Russia would never be." - Idol
"I'm gonna drive him out of this country." - Austin Idol

Jimmy Golden vs Richard Dunn
Charlie announced that the Rat Patrol will face the Wrestling's. Golden won in a minute here with a grounded sleeper then someone came to attack:
Golden seems to think it's Vic Reign
Tommy Gilbert in a PWI shirt with the Ontario Mauler.
"Walk in here, Jimmy Golden. Feel the dirt."
"I'm gonna rip your face apart, but I'm going to do it nicely." - The Ontario Mauler, WTF?
"I don't know who this space cadet is, but I'll know your beak off in Birmingham." - Golden

Austin Idol vs Jimmy Backlund
Idol won this one super quick with the Figure Four Leglock. There was literally nothing to take pics of here.
"We did what we set out to do. We got rid of the little foreign boy with the greasy hair." - The Wrestling's
"We don't care how many rats you got, because you ain't got enough of them. We are the exterminators and that's what we will do." - The Wrestling's
"What you are, are a bunch of backstabbin' dougboys that stuck yourself in a place you don't belong." - Scott Armstrong
Overall thoughts: This was so-so. This is one of the transitional periods that territories used to go through. Old faces go and new faces arrive. Some for the good like The Wrestling's and some for the worse like Zurkov. Skip this one.

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