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Southeastern Championship Wrestling August 1984 Part 1

Southeastern Championship Wrestling August 1984
Charlie Platt and Rick Stewart welcome us to the show
Jimmy Golden and Jim Backlund
"Managed by Mr. Billy Spears, Arn Anderson and Jerry Stubbs." - Stewart
Jimmy Golden and Jim Backlund vs Arn Anderson and Jerry Stubbs
Can you get any more sleazier than Bunkhouse Buck and Jimmy Del Ray on the same team? Awesome.
Anderson gets Backlund up
"Jimmy must have been up there 6 feet." - Stewart
Backlund took the nastiest backdrop ever here(see above). It sounded like a cannon when he hit the ring. Even the announcers and Stubbs thought it looked bad.
Spears goes after Idol verbally during the tag match
"You're through here my friend. I don't wanna catch you bringing trouble between my partner's again." - Spears
Stubbs tries to wake his partner up
Stubbs/Anderson get counted out and argue

Backlund/Golden win by countout. Backlund was awesome here. He bumped like a madman. Gotta love Gigolo Jimmy!

The Tonga Kid and the Rat Patrol cut a quick promo saying they will stay together and win together
"Rat Patrol, you will be split up and you will be leaving the ring in three different cars(ambulances)." - Spears

"Tag titles on the line, losing team will cease to exist." - Stewart
"We've all three invested a lot of time and money in this and this isn't something we'll lose with the drop of a hat." - Scott Armstrong

KINGFISH LIVINSKI - Greatest jobber name ever?
Boris Zurkov - What is he wearing on his head and why?

Boris Zurkov won here with a diving clothesline. Well, atleast they kept it quick and fast paced.

They said that this happened 3-4 hours after the broadcast. Idol vs Zurkov ends when Spears attacks Idol with scissors and a cane. Stubbs comes in to save Idol.
Arn Anderson demonstrates the art of the fireball
That was a top-10 all time fireball.

Al Scott vs The Ontario Mauler
The Ontario Mauler~!
Al Scott
The Ontario Mauler won this quick with an elbow and a pull of the tights. Not much here. Rating: DUD

"Porkchop Cash, making his first appearance. Welcome to the Southeast!" - Stewart
"I'm the man here to put things in line. You may have seen the best, but you never seen the greatest." - Cash
"This Porkchop Cash reminds me of Austin Idol. Mr. Black Soul, Black Style. Been on stage with Prince. This is the White Stallion." - Idol
"Boris Zurkov, you may think you are supreme but in America, we have freedom. I have the freedom to grab you by the neck and knock you into a steel post." - Idol
"Just like the color of your hair, you're yellow Austin Idol." - Zurkov
This promo is so funny. Boris forgets to do his Russian accent the whole time during this promo and accidently speaks in his real voice.

"Just hang on a minute." - Anderson on the phone
"Here lately, it seems like you(Stubbs) lost your priorities. Signing autographs and kissin' babies ain't what puts this gold around your neck. I'll tell you what did it, being hungry."
"When I was young, my cousin taught me one thing. Win if you can, lose if you must, but always kick somebodies butt." - Arn Anderson
"They say in the upcoming match, the losing team splits. Well, let's take it one step further. The loser of the fall leaves, adios. Can you do that Arn Anderson? Do you think you are better than I am? Ha." - Jerry Stubbs
Mike Thor
Porkchop Cash vs Mike Thor
Cash won this quickly with a headbutt.

Mr. Wrestling 1 & 2 came down to complain about not getting a match.

"Shut up and let me finish." - Mr. Wrestling
Bob Armstrong and Steve Armstrong

Bob Armstrong and Steve Armstong vs Tommy Gilbert and Paul Brown
Bob won this won easy with an elbow, but the Wrestling's attacked after. they rammed Bob into a chair and the Rat Patrol made the save.

"I might have a knot on my head but before this match is over, they gonna have knots all over they body. If they wanna play with chairs, we'll play musical chairs. I'll make 'em a C-Flat brother. " - Bob
"Remember flight 007? They come down in our backyard. I'm gonna make a communist out of you, Idol." - Boris Zurkov
Idol then promised to jam his fist down Zurkov's throat and said that he will win for himself and the people.

Overall thoughts: The usual good stuff from Southeastern. Tons of good promos here and I liked seeing Jimmy Del Ray and Mr. Wrestling 1 & 2. No Fuller's though which was surprising. Check it out!

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